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Unless investing on cash offshore, have a longer time-frame in mind due to the dual volatility of the currency and the market. In the event you want an offshore investment you can invest in on a monthly basis, there are South African unit trusts you can invest in, which invest all of your money overseas. Finding an offshore bank with an investment platform that you can believe in may pose a lengthy search. And, in a development which makes for an even stronger case for offshore investing, Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene increased the annual foreign investment allowance from R4 million to R10 million per calendar year for individuals in the February budget speech. MacSymon says that there are several effective offshore vehicles which Private Client Holdings can recommend to investors that are looking to invest offshore. When it comes to accessing offshore investments MacSymon advises that investors wanting direct offshore exposure, given the plethora of international choice, should consider the offshore offerings of local fund managers that they have come to know and trust. Over the past four years discoveries in the pre-salt deposits in the ultra-deepwater Santos Basin offshore Brazil have floored investors and market observers worldwide, primarily by the sheer scope of their potentially recoverable reserves, though the story itself is just as mind-boggling. But in the 1990s Petrobras geologists became interested in determining what lay beneath these regions, particularly in the Santos, Brazil’s largest offshore sedimentary basin.
All of these pre-salt and post-salt plays will ensure that Petrobras  and its partners are drilling in the Campos and Santos Basin for a long time, a boon for oil services and equipment firms, many of which are establishing operations in Brazil to meet escalating local content requirement.
Elliott invites you to join him aboard Holland America Lines’ ms Eurodam for the 2011 Money Answers Cruise.
Our Stock Talk section is reserved for productive dialogue pertaining to the content and portfolio recommendations of this service. Offshore drilling is the most complex and expensive way of accessing oil and gas reserves, particularly when it comes to deep water and ultra-deep water exploration activities. The market fundamentals for oil service companies remain solid, oil prices are stubbornly holding their ground above $100 per barrel in a tough macroeconomic environment. Offshore drilling companies are seeing a significant increase in tenders and requests from customers, particularly for the ultra-deep water rigs which are commanding higher daily rates for its units. Drill Ships are self-propelled ships equipped for drilling in water depths in which jack-up rigs are incapable of working.
For instance, Petrobras (a Brazilian semi-public multinational energy company) will be renting 26 rigs for the next 15 years in order to develop its deep water oil field discovered back in 2006. Those more personal relationships are reserved for the extremely wealthy with minimum $10M more often than for more moderate investors.

You want to be clear that you will be investing a large enough sum to afford a profit once the banking fees have been covered. It is best to approach associates who have a history with different banking establishments for recommendations rather than to rely upon received advertisements.
But Brazil has a long history of offshore oil production, much of which has taken and continues to take place in the prolific Campos Basin, located on the north coast of Rio de Janeiro State. The map below depicts the Campos, Santos and Espirito Santo basins, offshore regions that contain roughly 85 percent of the country’s oil reserves.
A brief look at Petrobras’ shopping list from its 2010-14 Strategic Plan provides a sense of how much money is at stake for early movers. Inside you’ll get their names and ticker symbols, along with a free subscription to daily investing guidance from our award winning analyst team.
All information provided on the Investing Daily network of websites is provided as-is and does not represent personalized investment advice. The resiliency of high oil prices is fuelling increasing exploration and production spending by operators as the industry pushes further offshore into ever-deeper water.
The brightening outlook mirrored by record backlog orders and rising rates encouraged the industry to focus on adding new equipment in all market segments in a bid to provide the most versatile fleets of mobile offshore drilling units. Last year, 23 discoveries were announced in 12 different countries in an average water depth of 6,200 feet representing the sixth consecutive year of 20+ announced discoveries.  Successful exploration results pave the way for development drilling over the coming years which is another factor in driving future demand. For offshore drilling companies, you’ll want to keep in mind every operator faces risks ranging from storm damage to volatile commodity prices.
Withdrawing from your offshore investment is simpler and can be banked in your South African account without any clearance required,” he says. While private banking does not necessarily mean offshore it is a very common offshore investment opportunity.
The bank can profit through offering bridge financing or providing transit for large funding amounts. You must remember that in most countries you must still report earnings from investments in offshore bank accounts and many countries require the reporting of these offshore accounts as financial assets. There are also many quality internet websites that offer reviews of services provided by offshore banks.
Retirement Annuity Trust schemes fall under Guernsey pension legislation and for Guernsey Income Tax purposes are exempt from income tax.

These sites do not constitute a representation by the publisher or a solicitation for the purchase or sale of securities. That’s why today my inbox is often filled with questions about the state of offshore drilling. By 2020, offshore oil production is expected to account for 34% of the global output up from 25% in 1990. Offshore drilling accidents, while rare, may result in significant damage or a total loss of a rig.
He adds that you should not consider offshore investing if you intend to spend the money in the next three years in South Africa, or if you have a low tolerance to volatility of your investment value. When you are looking for a bank that is offering a customized relationship you need to understand what the bank is offering and how they hope to benefit through their service. Because of this most offshore banks require that you sign documentation acknowledging that they will either withhold tax or exchange information with your country of residence. In addition to the tax saving benefits, Retirement Annuity Trusts offer a flexible and cost-effective solution for building wealth offshore and are particularly useful for effective wealth transfer to future generations. Today the Campos Basin continues to accounts for roughly 80 percent of Brazil’s oil output. In addition to an entire issue dedicated to the best investment opportunities in the oil services and equipment spaces, you’ll also be able to access a report Elliott is putting together on his top mergers and acquisition targets for 2011. For dividend paying companies, future dividends depend on 3 variables of paramount importance: the business outlook, the debt leverage and the contract coverage.
There are risks associated with any investment and we strongly encourage readers to supplement the information in these articles, special reports, and newsletters with independent research and other professional advice before investing in any security. And just to hammer home how critical they are to global supply, don't forget that over 90% of Saudi Arabia's production stems from only six or seven fields.Like it or not, the days are numbered for these massive fields.

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