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We found the second-story, enclosed passageway, that leads from the three airport terminals to the Airport Hilton.We walked its length, passing the rail terminal, where we found an ATM and got some needed Euros. We bought some cappuccino and croissants, in an airport restaurant, and watched the giant aerial behemoths land and take off in this busy airport.
Restless, we wandered the decks, met and talked with the Martins and then found a nice photo of ourselves, taken in Siena’s main Piazza, in the photo gallery. We sought out and found the “A” line that would take us up to the Vatican and the Chiesa San Pietro (St. Peter” stand in their wooded splendor, for all the world like an outsized throne for some race of giants. On deck #12, aft, we found the “Sports Bar” a small buffet-style restaurant that served all three meals daily. Francois Grimaldi, the founder of the line, came to the area in 1297, with a small army of soldiers, all disguised as monks.
We smiled, strained to understand and thanked the man for “su aiuto” (his help) As a parenthetical, I don’t know that we have ever found a people as gracious, patient and willing to help as we have the Italians. Off the courtyard lies a circular verandah that overlooks all of Rome.We sat for a bit and enjoyed the view, then found a tiny cafe where we had a cappuccino with other pilgrims who visiting the fortress.

We found the subway entrance nearby and walked down into the bowels of Rome, to catch the “A” train back to the terminal. We found a spot where we could hang from over head straps and enjoyed the ride back to the Airport.
Then, we were standing in from of a glassed-in sepulcher that reputedly holds the remains of the founder of the catholic church, the rock upon which Christ had built his earthly church, Peter, the fisherman.
We found and entered an elegant hostelry called “Chateau de la Chevre d’Or,” roughly, the “house of the golden goat. Supposedly Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome who had been suckled by a she wolf, had fled Rome and sought sanctuary in Siena. Someone with our surname (Martin) must have either been on the ground floor founding this place or donated half of the land for its creation.

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