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For fans that miss their teams in the one week the players have off each season, it can be easy to forget how important these days are for the players.
The schedule will not be friendly to the Broncos this year, however, as they’ll get a bye week in Week 4, meaning the 38-year-old Manning will have to play 13-straight weeks of intense football action until the end of the regular season. For instance last year, Peyton Manning benefited greatly from the Broncos’ bye week in Week 9 as he was able to rest for two whole weeks his sprained ankles that he injured during their game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 6.

To get completely set for the season, you can also check out the Monday Night Football schedule here and check out our complete 2014-2015 NFL preview and predictions as the season draws ever closer.
Week 4 will see six teams take a quick break including last season’s Super Bowl protagonists, the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. Tom Brady’s aging team of veterans is set to deliver the goods once again in 2013-2014, and getting a break as late as week 10 will help them stay healthy or get back to healthy in the midst of what is likely to be yet another playoff year.

The final bye week will commence in Week 12 with the Carolina Panthers and the Pittsburgh Steelers the last teams to be afforded a break in the NFL calendar.

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