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Del has dug himself into quite the hole with some rough picks through the first three weeks of the NFL season. For my first lock of the week, I’m betting against Buccaneers rookie quarterback Mike Glennon.
The second line that jumped out at me this week was the Colts laying eight on the road against Jacksonville.
Josh Freeman has been benched for this weekend’s game against Arizona, paving the way for the former North Carolina State star to make his NFL debut.

It’s always risky to pick the favorite to cover a sizable spread on the road in the NFL, but the Jaguars are horrendous.
Blaine Gabbert will be back under center for Week 4, and I’m not sure if he gives the team a better or worse chance than Chad Henne. Rob Gronkowski could make his 2013 debut, while Danny Amendola appears almost certain to miss another game.
As usual, Del’s Week 4 NFL picks are below, with analysis of the top three after the chart.

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