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The latest NFL Week 1 Predictions from offshore bookmaker are anticipating a strong showing from a number of road teams this weekend. The defending NFC North champion Packers match the Patriots as opening week’s largest favorite, coming in at -7 against the spread in their showdown with divisional rival Chicago. Joining Green Bay as opening weekend road favorites are the Colts, Dolphins, Panthers, Seahawks, Bengals, Eagles and Vikings.

This time of year most losing teams are just playing out the string, but that is not the case for multiple squads this weekend. There are three weeks left in the NFL season, but the playoff possibilities are endless with only New England, Carolina and Arizona having secured postseason berths. Conference seeding becomes crucial this time of year and there are no shortage of teams looking to improve their potential playoff situations this week.

Those seven teams were a combined 65-45-2 last season while their seven weekend opponents tallied a 39-73 record.

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