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So the NFL adopted the 2 point conversion and moved the kickoffs back from the 35 back to the 30 yard line with the sole purpose of generating excitement.
We here at Taylor Blitz Times are all about player safety but at some point you can’t take away the spirit of the game. Between Super Bowls I and XXVIII (1-28 for the roman numeral impaired) there were only 2 kickoff for touchdowns, where from XXIX-XLI (sigh…29-41) there were five. The NFL needs to change this rule back to the one that was altered to add excitement to the game, not eliminate it. This entry was posted in Coaches Corner and tagged Devin Hester, football, nfl football, NFL Players, NFL Rule Change.

Then you tell us why the kickoff return specialist broke into prominence with the 5 yard rule change with kickoffs moved from the 35 back to the 30 then. What is interesting is this rule reverses the 1994 decision to move kickoffs from the 35 to the 30 yard line to generate more excitement. The NFL in contrast had a majority of their kickoffs flying out of the endzone having drafted all the top legs from the collegiate ranks. Where most teams have specialists just to return kicks, back in 1993 teams had specialist kickers just to kickoff!! We saw less injuries on kickoffs over the last few years with more one on one area blocking on special teams.

Then on the ensuing kickoff Daluiso’s kickoff was so extreme that Cowboy kick returners Brock Marion and Kevin Williams (The U) stood in the middle of the endzone, as the kick was still 40 feet over their heads and hit the Meadowlands wall.

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