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New York Yankees closer Andrew Miller has been the subject of trade talks but says he want to remain with the team.
The MLB winter meetings are on, and the market for starting pitcher Mike Leake is gaining steam. Andrew Marchand doesn't expect the Yankees to make a splash in free agency due to their payroll, but thinks they are more likely to make a trade.

The New York Yankees have needs, but not a lot of options as they head to Nashville next week. He's the winter's top free agent, but the Yankees have to decide if an outfielder who has averaged 16 HRs a year is worth upward of $200 million. Among Yankees players with at least five career plate appearances against Hill, Jacoby Ellsbury (3-for-5 with a home run) has had the most success.In his previous three starts this season, Hill faced the Tampa Bay Rays, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Baltimore Orioles.

Given the schedule, Thursday’s start will probably be his final of the season -- also against an AL East opponent.

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