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Ken Daneyko won the Stanley Cup three times with the Devils. By the last one, he had mastered the art of the cultivating grizzled playoff beards. We couldn’t do a list of the greatest playoff beards in NHL history and not mention the New York Islanders dynasty.
Of course, Lanny sported one of the greatest mustaches in sports history during the regular season.
The New York Islanders Pro Shops are your destinations for new merchandise and customized jerseys! And it is our hope that these men will read today’s list of the 20 greatest playoff beards in NHL history and aspire to greatness.

It might as well be with this simple yet manly playoff beard sported by Jeff Carter during the Kings’ magical wrecking ball run to the Cup in 2012.
However, when the playoffs roll around and all of a sudden he turns into an actual bear, the man is downright terrifying. Well, keep in mind the Nashville Predators have never made it past the second round of the playoffs. You just cannot ignore synergy between a solid playoff beard and the rest of a guy’s face. But when he stopped shaving the rest of his face during the playoffs, he looked absolutely terrifying.

The Pro Shop will have all the latest Islanders apparel and merchandise to ensure you have prime access to your new favorite shirt, puck, hat or jersey. Fans can also purchase a wide variety of official Islanders merchandise through the NHL Store.

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