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Still I, like so many Americans, spent some time Sunday night predicting the outcomes of one of our country’s great traditions – the NCAA Basketball Tournament.
It’s true: The television licensing for the tournament, the apparel licensing for universities, and the education industry itself are all American export industries, supporting thousands of American jobs. As the NCAA Basketball Tournament is a great American tradition, exports are also a great tradition for us at the International Trade Administration. So we can be glad there is a larger benefit to society and the economy as well, from March Madness, in the form of increased exports, regardless of how much of a basketball fan one may be.

The more we export, The more foreign reserves, the better trade balance and a better economy!!!!! Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. You may well have been doing the same thing; the NCAA Tournament bracket is a ubiquitous image, appearing on countless office walls and bedroom doors all over the country.
And what you may not have realized when you filled out your bracket is that you were, in fact, supporting American exports.

Make sure to support your team and American exports as we crown national champions in men’s and women’s college basketball this year.

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