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With the start of the 2012-13 NBA regular season nearing, You Only Blog Once is previewing the season with a series of "countdown" posts. The Miami Heat’s fluctuating performance is making me second guess myself on their ability to make it to the finals. When the season started, I picked the Heat to win it all but based on the recent performances and the rejuvenated players in the Bulls, I would not be surprised if they trample the Heat and go on to the NBA Championship. They were written off from the very start of the season when insiders were picking teams that could go all the way to win the NBA championship. Last year’s final was fiercely contested and one could say it took something special for the Dallas Mavericks to defeat the Miami Heat.
It is not a forgone conclusion but two teams have sprinted to the frontline and all signs point to them meeting at the finals. Aside the fact that they won the NBA championship in 1977, they really have nothing to show for (2). The team made it to the Western conference finals and was only upstaged by the Dallas Mavericks who went on to win the NBA championship.

The Chicago Bulls were a powerhouse in the time Michael Jordan was playing and he led the team to win six NBA championships. But it's a fun exercise, and relatively harmless, so here they are, my predictions for the 2012-13 season.
Shaq took the team to two divisional finals and both times fell short to the Chicago Bulls who were spearheaded by Michael Jordan. They started this season with the best record in the NBA and they are the only team to win three back to back road games since 1979. Before the resurgence of Michael Jordan and the Bulls, there were notably two greats in the NBA. The heat will definitely make the NBA championship with a few bumps along the way like having to defeat the likes of the Chicago Bulls and the rejuvenated Boston Celtics. Clearly, they are the favorites in my opinion to win the eastern conference finals and possibly the NBA Championship. Miami Heat is playing prodigiously and there is no team in the NBA right now to pull off an upset in the play offs or the NBA finals.

Not only do they have the best record in NBA but they dominate almost every game especially when they play the potential title contenders. It is far-fetched to say that the Lakers are strong favorites to win the Championship as they stand right now, but within a month or two the Lakers will become a very formidable team to contend for the NBA Championship. They came into the finals with retaliation and were waiting to dish-out the same humiliating treatment they received from the Heat four years prior. The two have found a common ground and in their last game Durant and Westbrook score 51 and 40 points respectively, a feat only repeated twice in the history of the NBA. That positive attitude has led them to win two crucial against the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls who according to insiders are the favorites to meet at the Eastern conference finals. They only trail the Oklahoma City Thunders their presumed opponent in the western conference finals.

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