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The NBA trade deadline is just around the corner and for teams on the bubble of making the playoffs, making a deal now could push them over the top.
One team rumored to make some moves next month is Boston as the Celtics look to get younger, but also shave some money off the salary cap as they plan to add a couple big names next summer, but things could change according to Bill Simmons as Boston continues to be in the playoff hunt, despite injuries and moves already made.
General Manager Danny Ainge could do worse than adding an up and coming NBA star, especially one that is so young and has experience with the head coach, but with another month until the trade deadline, look for Ainge to wait until the last possible moment to make a deal as he waits to see how the team plays with the return of point guard Rajon Rondo and if the Boston Celtics can stay in playoffs contention. The Celtics have been involved in a lot of the hottest NBA rumors of the season, specifically involving Ray Allen.
The C’s were reportedly interested in Butler, but they missed out as he was traded to the Dallas Mavericks Saturday night. NBA sources said that despite not receiving prized point guard prospect Rodrigue Beaubois from the Mavs, the Wizards were so thrilled with making a deal that provided significant cap relief without having to trade Antawn Jamison.
On Sunday afternoon, it appeared the Cavs were ready to trade Zydrunas Ilgauskas and young forward J.J.
Stoudemire would have no place with the Celtics because Kevin Garnett, when he plays, has a stranglehold at power forward, and Stoudemire wouldn’t play enough defense to unseat Kendrick Perkins full-time at center.
NBA Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics expected to make moves before deadline Sochi Olympics hockey, Latvia vs. Mannix believes that the Boston Celtics have found their point guard of the future in rookie Marcus Smart and paying Rondo a massive contract extension - something that he will surely demand once he becomes a free agent - simply won't benefit the franchise in the long run especially that they are still in the middle of a rebuild.
Ok, maybe its just two accomplished stars and NBA champions getting some grub and talking just about anything but a future trade that would see them playing together in Purple and Gold.

But for now, everything is just pure speculation and we will never know whether a Rondo trade to the Lakers was really on the books this season, after it officially happens before the deadline.
The Detroit Pistons are expected to become very aggressive in the coming weeks as they try to move Josh Smith before the annual trade deadline on February 20. Earlier reports indicated that the Pistons are still weighing their options on who to trade between Smith and emerging power forward Greg Monroe. According to reports, the best that the Pistons can get at this point is a trade centered on Boston Celtics forward Gerald Wallace along with several expiring contracts, while the New York Knicks are reportedly mulling offering Andrea Bargnani for Smith. The Phoenix Suns are also reportedly in the mix should the Pistons decide to enter into a salary-dumping trade. Save more time and money when shopping at Trader Joe's with these useful and practical tips. As Uber CEO Travis Kalanick likes to describe the Uber service: "Uber is efficiency with elegance on top. The young guard played college ball under head coach Brad Stevens and is having the best year of his career, but reports have the 23 year-old leaving the jazz after this season, so trading him now and getting something in return makes good business sense. One reported trade would have sent Rondo to Sacramento for a package including Isaiah Thomas. There is also the risk of Rondo walking away in free agency for nothing -  as he is headed to unrestricted free agency which allows him to sign any offer from any team he wants - and the Celtics may just trade him this season for rebuilding-freindly assets than see it happen.
But the rumors of a Rondo-to-Lakers move was reinforced by a comment made by Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski on the Lakers starting point guard Jeremy Lin on The Home Team morning show.

We are also not sure what kind of assets the Lakers will give in exchange for Rondo that will force Danny Ainge to pull the trigger on a trade deal.
Despite all the rumors surrounding the team, they were absent in the biggest move thus far: a seven-player swap between the Mavericks and Wizards involving Caron Butler. A front court that features Rondo and Bryant would surely be one of the best in the NBA and could be a duo that would be a start of another championship run for both stars.
Rockets live stream: Watch NBA online Although Love will almost certainly be trade, it does not look like Rondo will, at least not right now. We saw this when the team was gung-ho about making a deal for Omer Asik, went ahead and traded for Joel Anthony but have been cold on other offers. According to Eddie Sefko from the SportsDayDFW, the Celtics might be back in the deal making mood as the deadline approaches.
Rockets live stream: Watch NBA online Tommy Beer of Basketball Insiders thinks the play of the sixth-overall pick of the draft, Marcus Smart, could influence the Celtics to trade Rajon Rondo. As opposed to Kevin Love, who told Minnesota he will opt out at the end of the coming season and leave if he is not dealt beforehand, Rondo consistently said he wants to remain with the Celtics. His view may change if the club is still treading water at the end of 2014-15, and there is no question the C’s will look heavily into trading him before then.

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