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It was a surprise even to our voting panel when the Montreal Canadiens logo finished a modest 13th. It’s interesting how similar the Habs logo was to its unborn rival Toronto team in the early days. As far as primary logos go, the one used from 1919-20 to 1920-21 was the most experimental. Montreal also experimented with an awesome alternate world domination logo to celebrate its championship the season prior.

The blue trim was thickened all around the logo in 1935-36, creating a tighter, sharper look. The logo changed again from 1947-48 to 1955-56, just before the dynasty heyday, which brought Jean Beliveau, Jacques Plante, Doug Harvey and Bernie Geoffrion godlike status.
Last came the logo every Hab has worn since 1956-57, from the late 1950s dynasty to Lafleur and the late 1970s dynasty, to Patrick Roy, to P.K. But, ironically, the rich history that had many of us doodling this logo when we were kids is also what drags it down.

This red, white and blue version from 1911-12 upped the letter count to three, representing the words Club, Athletique and Canadien. This design has a lot more symmetry to it than the logos directly preceding and following it.

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