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Prestigious financial magazine Forbes last week detailed contributing editor George Gilder’s best investment ideas for 2012, which focus on Israeli technology companies.
Another top investing idea Forbes shares is Israeli Voice-Over-IP technology company Audocodes, which holds important intellectual property in high definition voice. TestimonialsEvan is extremely knowledgeable about investments in Israel and very patient and easy to work with. Each of these company’s stocks can be purchased directly on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange by opening an Israeli investment account while gaining currency diversification.
If you wish to support Israel by investment, then Evan is an exceedingly reliable and effective way to do so.GrahamCanadaI am grateful to have found Wise Money Israel and worked with them.
If you are doing job and looking for part time opportunity to make more money you may go through our one of the most visited article best business ideas for making more money.Business Ideas1. YouTube displays ads on your videos while user views them and makes the money through these Ads.

You may require small investment for purchasing video recorder and video editing softwares.
This is one of the best investment option one can look for to convert hobbies into money.
Event Organizer – Starting small company which organize event could be good idea but here you may need special expertise and manpower for the same. 4. His expertise in satisfying  the Israeli government that I’m a legitimate investor and not a money launderer was very valuable. Mobile Shop – Today everyone use mobile  and looking at need mobile demand is ever increasing hence starting small mobile shop is good Investment idea.9. Mobile Food Shop – Today we are living in mobile generation starting mobile food shop is very good business idea.12. Book Store –Book lover always purchase multiple books making idea of starting book store attractive.16.

Catering service – For marriage and party people always look for good catering service if you are good at providing good food and catering service this could be another good business idea.17. Computer Trainer - If you are good at providing computer training this could be good business idea as knowing computer is must in today’s world.18. Baby Sitting Services – This business idea is specifically for woman who want to start some home based business.

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