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It’s the age-old question that plagues property investors across the nation, and as is often the case when it comes to real estate, there is no clear-cut answer.
The long-held argument for houses over units has been largely drawn from the belief that “the value is in the land”, as land appreciates and buildings deprecate, and therefore houses are always the premium option. Structure in routine maintenance.  If you keep your property, whether it’s a house or unit, in good repair, you increase the property’s overall profitability. Using a A close relative guarantors the portion of your loan that is above the 80% LVR, usually against their own property.
Using this rule for our example, your recommended minimum before tax salary is $66,000 (or combined salary with your investment partner). Note this is a rough guide only; you should assess your own unique financial situation to determine your debt servicing capability and always allow for some contingency.
Because when negatively geared, you can deduct the costs of owning your investment property from your overall income – thus reducing your taxable income. The property market long term national average growth is around 7% in the major Australian capital cities of Sydney and Melbourne. The advantage of property over shares or other investments is that when you invest your deposit of $60,000 for a $400,000 property, you are making that 7% return on the property value as opposed to the deposit amount.
One important caveat is that capital gains aren’t physical cash profits like with what you would get from a positively geared property.

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Belvoir Property Management(UK) Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The ultimate holding company of Belvoir Property Management (UK) Ltd is Belvoir Lettings PLC (Registered in England and Wales) - Registration Number 7848163.
But there are many factors to weigh up as that approach depends on location, the local council development regulations and the potential growth for the area.
This means investing in the best quality property you can afford within your budget – regardless of whether its strata titled or standalone. If you have an agent who is diligent and takes care of the property, and who doesn’t keep changing the method of rental payment, you will have happy tenants and therefore a lower vacancy rate.
But before you start hitting the open houses, read through this guide for an overview of what you ought to know when you’re just getting started. As the rent goes up and you steadily pay off your mortgage, your property should quickly go from cash flow negative to cash flow positive.
Finding a property with the ideal combination of good rental yield to improve your cash flow and high capital growth to achieve profit.

You can only access this money by either selling or revaluing the property and refinancing your loan. Even for landlords who let their property for other reasons (unable to sell, moving away to work) it is usually important to them that they cover their expenses and make a money profit.Using a professional, specialist letting agent is the single biggest step toward maximising profit. Agent’s fees are a tax deductible expense and if you pick the right agent, money well spent. Registered Office: Ashby House, 62a Ashby Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3AEAshton Lees Ltd is a Franchisee of Belvoir Property Management (UK) Ltd and not a subsidiary or sister companyAshton Lees Ltd trading as Belvoir Loughborough is an Appointed Representative of Belvoir Property Management (UK) Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. They will help you make the most profit from your property, advise you about the inevitable issues that will arise and minimise the problems and hassle for you.There are a number of things that can reduce a landlords profit ranging from rent arrears, through empty periods, to damages disputes with tenants. With advice from a professional agent property can be prepared and presented to maximise its potential to let quickly. After that it is the agent’s presence, marketing energy and practiced systems that will let the property quickly.

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