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Sports Connection, the easy and legal way to be in action on the games of your choice from home, the office or your car.
Sports Connection is available ONLY for Cox internet subscribers located in Las Vegas and immediate surrounding areas. Kevin TrumpfellerLas Vegas Sports Betting Examiner"Coach" Kevin Trumpfeller is an experienced handicapper and race and sportsbook writer.
You can find him in the busiest Vegas sportsbooks surrounded by big screens and excitement. Therea€™s more money wagered on football than all other sports combined in Las Vegas and the entire state of Nevada. It's reasonable to understand why sports wagering revenue is so high in the fall and winter.There was a time in recent history where sports wagering was one to two percent of total gaming revenue, but thata€™s changing.

Besides MGM and Caesars most sportsbook operators in Nevada have mobile sports wagering.The amount of revenue derived from mobile wagering continues to grow.
In September mobile wagers accounted for almost 33 percent of all sports bets at Station Casinos.
Mobile wagering should begin to dominate sports betting as more people adapt to the technology.
The continuing deterioration of playable blackjack in Las Vegas may be helping casinos win more as revenue from the game rose almost 10 percent.We know that sportsbooks win a lot of money on parlay cards but thata€™s not stopping people from playing them.
Football season is probably the most popular time for parlay wagers.Wea€™re at a special time for sports bettors in Nevada and specifically Las Vegas. Mobile sports wagering continues to grow so anyone can now wager from wherever they want.Last year, the Hustler Club proposed the idea of opening a sportsbook inside their gentlemena€™s club.

While nothing ever came of that, it may have been the beginning of what will become ubiquity of sports wagering. Slot machines and video poker were the most ubiquitous games in Nevada with machines everywhere from gas stations to supermarkets to bars and casinos.Sports wagering should become even more ubiquitous because of its mobile stature. Gas stations and supermarkets will seem like normal places to gamble when you consider that mobile sports wagering can happen in a car at a red light or on the couch at home.Sports wagering may never take out slot machines for the top money maker for casinos but it's on the way.

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