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With the launch of the two new consoles, we thought it was a good time to revisit the MLB.TV Premium app that was released just in time for Opening Day on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
I’m not using ps4 app at the moment, because it lacks the one feature I use, audio overlay.
So if you want to play baseball on a console it has to be MLB The Show and that is still a very good thing.
In MLB 14: The Show the first thing you will notice is how much attention to detail there is in all of the MLB ball parks.

SDS has made some improvements to the Road to the Show mode that make playing it much more enjoyable, including a series of games where you are scouted out of high school for the MLB draft, and a new training points system. This doesn’t effect me (not much of an online player) but the PS3 and PS4 games have had a lot of lag when playing a game online, and this is more troublesome than in other games as Baseball requires a lot of timing, and when you introduce lag there is going to be a lot of problems. Whereas a digitally messy picture was commonplace before, we were consistently treated to true high-definition picture on the PS4 and Xbox One. When comparing the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the application, however, it’s a landslide victory for the PS4. live
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