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Given the rotation that the Tigers bring to this series and their recent playoff experience, it would be hard to pick against them.
The National League provides us with two of the most dominant teams in recent playoff memory.
I preface this prediction by admitting I would love nothing more than to see the World Series return to Kauffman Stadium.
The 2015 MLB playoffs are now underway, and already some experts’ predictions have been rendered useless.

Also, you might be interested to check out Top Bet’s own picks and predictions for the entire ALDS and NLDS. With a wide open playoff field, 2014’s MLB postseason is sure to be one of the greatest fall classics in recent memory. Their predictions are still capable of coming true, but Toronto will probably need David Price to snap out of his postseason rut soon. Perhaps these experts haven’t noticed just how often upsets occur during the MLB playoffs.

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