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COMMENTEMAILMOREWhile the 2015 season was a success, and the front office made a significant trade at the deadline to get Cole Hamels and Jake Diekman, there are still question marks going into 2016. It may be too early to make predictions on what Kevin Durant will do in the offseason next summer. With all the offseason training together, there is no time wasted once the season comes around for KD and Russell Westbrook to get familiar with each other being on the court together.

On most 2016 NBA Season predictions, the Thunder are ranked 4th in the Western Conference and have around 50+ wins. According to Cot's Contracts, the Rangers already have $119 million for the 2016 payroll tied up in nine players. However, it is the right time to make predictions for next season, especially for the return of the Oklahoma City Thunder in the playoffs this season.

MLB Trade Rumors predicts the Rangers' 11 arbitration players to cost $15.3 million, but I see them cutting Bobby Wilson which will save $800K. en espanol
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