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One of the most celebrated and greatest (if not the greatest) basketball player, Michael Jordan single-handedly lifted the Bulls franchise out of mediocrity and irrelevance with his skill as well as his sheer will. Jordan batted .202 in his one-year stint with the Birmingham Barons, the Chicago White Sox's Double-A team, struggling mightily to hit the curveball. March 19, 1995 – Michael Jordan came out of his 17-month retirement and played in his first NBA game for Chicago since Game 6 of the 1993 Finals against Phoenix. In the 1993–94 season, the Bulls, without Jordan, achieved a 55–27 record, and lost to the New York Knicks in the second round of the playoffs.

After battling the Detroit Pistons for Eastern Conference supremacy, Jordan and his "supporting cast" finally broke through in 1991 and dethroned the Bad Boys. Meanwhile, the Bulls, now led by Jordan's wingman Scottie Pippen, finished the season with a 55-27 record but lost to the New York Knicks in the Eastern Conference playoffs. In front of a charged up crowd at Indiana’s Market Square Arena, Jordan scored 19 points in 43 minutes but the host Pacers downed the Bulls in overtime 103-96.
The next day, Jordan donned jersey number 45 (his number with the Barons), as his familiar 23 had been retired in his honor following his first retirement.

Chicago looked sunk in 1995 but on March 18, Jordan made his dramatic return to the NBA, wearing No. But after the three-peat, Jordan inexplicably "retired" from basketball and went on a quixotic quest for a professional baseball career.

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