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We’re less than a month away from the start of the 2015 MLB All-Star Game, where the brightest stars of the American League and the National League will vie for home-field advantage in this year’s World Series. The MLB All-Star game began in 1933, back when the managers of the American and National league selected the players for their respective All-Star rosters.
That voting method is still practiced to this day, but the age of the internet paved the way for a much more convenient medium of polling. Fans are allowed to select eight position starters from the National League, and nine position starters from the American League. Over in the National League, the final slot of the batting order during regular competition is allotted for the active pitcher during the game itself. The AL and NL managers for the All-Star game can make the majority of the decisions for the rest of their respective All-Star lineups. Coaches, managers and active players from their respective leagues will cast votes for five starting pitchers, three relief pitchers, and the first round of reserve positional players.
As mentioned earlier, manual ballots can be found in all 30 Major League Baseball stadiums.

As most of you know by now, the Allstar voting has started and we have been asking all of #dubnation to dubthevote. Let’s delve further into the MLB All-Star voting process below in preparation for the great American pastime’s star-studded Midsummer Classic to be held at the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati on July 14.
Head on over to our lists of The Hottest Wives and Girlfriends of the National League and the American League.
Claim Now.Fan-voting for the starting position players began in 1947, where fans could cast their votes before mid-season with forms made out on paper to be filled-out and submitted in ballot boxes found across all participating Major League stadiums. Since the American League requires a designated hitter in the final slot of the batting order, fans have the option to vote from the pool of DH’s from this season.
However, back in 2010, the National League was allowed to have a designated hitter in the ninth spot of the batting order in all All-Star Games from thereon out.
The managers in the All-Star Game are the managers from the previous season’s league pennant champions. This year, the American League will be led by Ned Yost of the Kansas City Royals, and the San Francisco Giants’ Bruce Bochy will helm the National League. The two managers - Yost and Bochy – will then be tasked to fill up the rest of their respective All-Star rosters up to 33 players.

The final vote will be left for the fans to select one last player worthy of being named an All-Star.
Find out how the starters are voted in, how the rest of the rosters are determined and by whom, and how you yourself can put in your vote. But since the National League doesn’t have a natural DH position, or players specifically considered as a designated hitter, the manager of the NL All-Star game gets to choose his team’s designated hitter. When the entire process is done, all 30 MLB teams must be represented by at least one All-Star.
Five players selected by the two managers of the All-Star teams and members of the Commissioner’s Office will serve as the choices for the final fan vote.

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