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Passages can come from newspapers, magazines, scholarly journals, advertisements, or mock conversations.
Standardized tests like the TOEFL are used in the United States for college and graduate school admissions and professional licensing. These questions are like the “Super Bowl” playoffs of the LSAT – the ultimate test of whether you have what it takes!
The arguments are designed to mock the type legal reasoning you’ll be required to know in law school in both their format and complexity, but the arguments themselves will not always be explicitly about the law, and you’ll notice that they are easily read and understood from an RC standpoint.

Half the total score on the TOEFL is based on reading and listening abilities—on how well you perceive and understand English. Work hard on these LSAT questions, and your argument-skills will be in top shape for the actual “Super Bowl” – law school admissions and law school, itself! There is nothing to indicate that Jill disagrees with the first of Joe’s statements, so (A) is out of scope.
Half the total score is based on speaking and writing abilities—on how well you express yourself using English.

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