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Yesterday my colleague Steven Ramey posted about a recent study of those who took the 2013 Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) — their undergraduate GPA, their undergraduate major, and their LSAT score.
Thus, regardless how your students actually do on, say, the LSAT test or their studies in your program, you work very hard to persuade everyone that if they want to become a lawyer, well, then they’d better major in X or Y. GPA and LSAT aren’t everything, but most schools will begin their evaluation process by some-how sorting their applicant pools by academic profiles.
The Admissions Committee seeks accomplished professionals and bright minds: we look far beyond the short stories of test scores and transcripts. BONUS: Join our email list & get a FREE copy of our latest ebook, The Lawschooli Guide to Getting Started on the LSAT.
Unfortunately, when it comes to your chances are of getting into a specific school, it's almost impossible to predict with any sort of surety how likely you are to get in. The means for each major were then graphed (above), with undergrad GPA on the vertical axis and LSAT score on the horizontal, making Classics majors (far top right corner) the highest preforming by both measures.

Therefore, your last best chance to improve your odds of admission is to improve your LSAT score.
It’s fairly easy to plot your academic chances of getting into most schools, although this becomes increasingly difficult with the more selective schools, a few of which don’t even publish the numerical statistics (LSAT and GPA) of their entering class. A great place to get these numbers is LSAC's Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools, which gives you the 75th, 25th, and median LSAT and GPA percentiles for each school's incoming class. As I mentioned above, every year there are literally hundreds of applicants with perfect GPAs and LSAT scores that are rejected from Harvard, Yale and Stanford, and there are students with numbers well outside the percentiles that are offered admission. Schools with very, very high acceptances rates also reject students (consider, for example, Western New England College School of Law--a school with a 71% acceptance rate--which in 2009 rejected a student with an LSAT score between 170 and 174, and a GPA of 3.75+). If you have an impressive GPA, the test can be a liability; a poor performance can call your academic record into question. So, while you might be able to breathe a little easier knowing that your numbers place you above the 75th percentile at a school, you should never assume it's a sure thing--and it's also why relying too heavily on numbers as a predictor is a bad idea.

If you have a poor GPA, the test is an opportunity; it can overcome doubts raised by your transcript.
Although you shouldn't use a school's rank as the only predictor of your chances, its position within the system is certainly a good starting place when determining admissions chances.
There is no silver lining when it comes to acceptance rates and how they relate to LSAT and GPA numbers.

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