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My apps are the only apps available that offer the ability to re-reskin your new app once it is live in the AppStore! The app is basically a template to understand how to design a solar system and using cocos2d v3 and it can be used for implementing your own solar system or add more features in it. Even FatFish Games misses their hockey version, so here is it for you to fill the market gap. Local guide and directory iOS app is a complete client-server solution template by Mobifactor. IMPORTANT: BEFORE PURCHASING THE PRODUCT, THE INTERESTED BUYER WILL NEED TO APPLY FOR THE WORKING API CLIENT KEY FROM INSTAGRAM. Stop buying crappy codes and advance for this one because Reborn Bird plans to take the front.
Do You Guys Want To Try The Next Generation Flappy Game And Need A Single code To develop For Many Platform. Online Quiz Application is an easy and quick way to evaluate yourself for various competitive examinations. The project is fully universal and has also been optimised for 64-bit, iOS 8 and iOS 9 compatibility so it works across all devices which will effectively increase your downloads. Unlike many other app templates this game also provides audio files and updated SpriteKit Emitters for amazing "juice" or game effects.

Written in Objective-C using SpriteKit framework it will be ready to go for iOS8 and future versions.
Live TV is already setup for you with 20 channels and it is easily customizable, the App uses remote XML files to update the channels and content of the app whenever you want without need to update it through the App Store.
The features of the game "Match App" are: Match App - Flag and Zodiac its game for iPhone and iPad. First thanks for the visiting my product page i would like to share few things here, Its best custom quiz app with admin you can manage update question once application is live and also there is Level up system by locking newest quiz. The user's score starts at zero, and is incremented whenever two tiles combine, by the value of the new tile.
After reaching the target score, players can continue in a sandbox mode that continues beyond 2048. For those bored with traditional sliding puzzles, the sliding puzzle provides a fun alternative.
The app provides for the end user a convenient way to navigate through using modern features and advantages of the iOS. See PRO Theme, PRO LockScreen, DockStar, and other Top Paid Lock Screen apps - they are making $50 to $950+ a day, just providing wallpapers or overlays for status bar, slide to unlock, dock, or clock.
The goal is to build the Score by connecting same-colored dots vertically and horizontally.

This makes it very easily to develop with and great for people looking to learn the basics behind pure objective-c without getting muddled up by other 3rd party frameworks. This template will save you thousands in development cost and is as simple to reskin as changing a few images and api keys for Flurry and iAds.
Its allow you add question and Four multiple answer with correct answer it'll display in real time in application, Its really useful for everyone who set online quiz contest. Flappy HopUp Fliers is a beautiful flappy flying game that will great to play for everyone.
It has infinite gameplay and will test your reflexes and patience and keeps you playing to beat your previous score. Just like live real-time slots, this game is sure to please gamblers and slot machine fans around the world. And also same as for level selection in level menu, While flying the bird do collect the coins for extra point.

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