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Kauffman Stadium remains one of the best stadiums in baseball, and the Royals’ logo and colors celebrated classics.
Kings of Kauffman – This blog gives you Royals news and analysis from every angle, including plenty of offseason chatter and coverage of the Arizona Fall League.
Royals Review РLike so many SB Nation sites, Royals Review is home to a huge community of fans, perfectly for helping you look towards a brand-new season.
When you’re done decking out your computer, be sure to get one of these Royals iPhone backgrounds, too. That’s why we put together the best Royals wallpapers and browser themes to keep you pumped through the offseason and ready for a brand-new season next spring when the team begins the long trek toward another World Series appearance. His mad dash for home plate in Game 5 of the World Series is largely credited as the key play that sealed the Kansas City Royals championship.
Going into his sixth full year in the major leagues, KC Royals fans hope Eric Hosmer has figured things out to the point that we can expect consistent production.
In fact, one of the signature abilities of the Kansas City Royals defense is that they often make strong plays at both ends: an infielder makes a difficult pick that leads to an off target throw that Hosmer is able to salvage for an out.

Kansas City Royals infielders have the confidence to sling off-balance throws to first base because they know Hosmer will usually come down with the ball if they misfire.
In fact, I think most pundits and fans that watched the KC Royals regularly last season would take Hoz over Moose if forced to pick one. During the regular season, the Royals pitching was anything but stellar, and after the pickup of Johnny Cueto at the deadline, the fate of the starting rotation was in serious question. Cueto was solid in his first four starts with the Royals, but soon went downhill and plummeted towards the end of the season. While pitching was a serious problem during the regular season, Royals pitchers seem to have figured things out for the postseason.
The interesting part of the story is that Chris Young had been slated by Kansas City Royals manager Ned Yost to pitch Game 4 in New York’s Citi Field, but entered Game 1 in the 12th inning as the bullpen duel stretched deep into extra frames. The 36-year-old Chris Young signed with the Kansas City Royals this spring when general manager Dayton Moore was the only executive willing to offer him a major-league deal after Young won the Comeback Player of the Year award for Seattle in 2014. Chris Young stepped into the rotation when three starters went down in late May, and might have arguably held together the Royals rotation until they acquired Johnny Cueto at the deadline.

If you buy into the new-era stat Wins Above Replacement (WAR), Chris Young gave the KC Royals 2.5 wins more than a veteran AAA arm called up to the big leagues. Young did a fabulous job holding the pitching staff together through injury problems during the regular season, and has been the go-to guy when plans have gone awry for the Kansas City Royals in the playoffs. From the 7-0 start to four Royals starting in the All-Star Game to Johnny Cueto bringing his talents to KC, this season has been epic.
The San Francisco Giants defeated the Kansas City Royals with the tying run stranded 90 feet away. The hope is that his injury, costing him the latter part of the season, would be enough to frighten other teams from selecting him, allowing the Royals to stash a player who could potentially make an impact at the major league level. Next: Royals All Time 25 Man Roster The KC Royals thought enough of Balbino Fuenmayor to offer him an extension despite his status as a career minor league player.

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