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New Democratic Party MP Joe Comartin’s long battle to bring single-game sports betting to Canadian punters crossed a significant threshold on Friday.
Comartin’s legislative assistant Ian McMahon told the Windsor Star that C-290’s third reading “was basically done in 20 minutes.” Just two MPs spoke on the issue, one from the ruling Conservatives and another from the opposition Liberals.
The Woodbine Entertainment Group (WEG) was solidly behind Comartin’s efforts, as it wants to add sportsbooks to its horseracing offering. The NHL to testify against Canada's sports betting law at next Senate committee hearing, but Sen. Canadian lotteries are so eager to change the law forbidding them from offering single-game sports betting that they're willing to fib. New Jersey’s quest for legal sports betting appears to be souring state residents on the concept, according to a new survey. A Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind poll of 901 New Jersey adults found 50% were in favor of repealing the federal PASPA sports betting prohibition. It should be noted that the most recent poll question addressed the notion of a federal repeal while the 2013 poll merely asked whether residents were in favor of the state pursuing its own legal wagering regime. The advocates appealing the most recent injunction against New Jersey’s sports betting legislation will deliver oral arguments to a three-judge panel of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals on March 17.
It did not take online sportsbooks long to begin workarounds for their stranded United States customers. One wedge towards outright legalization of online sports betting is the prevalence of online fantasy sports.
While the legality of betting on sports online is a grey area, there is no history of individual bettors being targeted for this activity under Federal laws.

Comartin’s private member’s bill C-290 passed its third reading in the House of Commons, leaving only a Senatorial rubber stamp to enshrine single-game sports bets into Canadian law.
No concerted opposition to the bill is expected in the Senate, with Tory Senator Bob Runciman having already agreed to sponsor it in the federal legislature’s upper chamber. As for those opposed, 47% believe legal sports betting will increase gambling addiction while 25% said professional sport would be corrupted. New Jersey’s hired legal gun Ted Olson has been granted 13 of the 15 minutes the state’s advocates have been allotted. The upshot of the law was that it became illegal for websites to take sports bets over the Internet and more importantly banks were prohibited from handling online gambling transactions.
Or a more appropriate way of stating it is that it is not illegal to bet on sports online in the United States. An estimated 40 million Americans are risking money legally on games in fantasy sports competition and doing so with such heavyweight corporations as Disney, Comcast, Yahoo and CBS. C-290 would amend Canada’s Criminal Code to permit the individual provinces to decide whether to offer single-game sports wagers to their residents via their provincial gaming bodies. 8 referendum on sports betting; Ontario NDP MP Joe Comartin moves his sports betting bill forward. Attorneys for state legislators and the thoroughbred horsemen’s association will get just one minute apiece.
The future is never known but the winds seem to be blowing laissez-faire enforcement towards the camp of legitimacy. The wild popularity of fantasy sports has led to daily draft sites where players can create a team, place a wager, collect money all in one day.

The Code currently limits sports betting to parlay wagers involving a minimum of three games. The addition of a sportsbook won’t cure all these casinos’ financial woes, but it can’t hurt. In 2006 Congress pulled out its big legal guns and passed the ominous sounding Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). Players, however, could no longer make deposits and take withdrawals from an online casino into an American bank and gambling without a bankroll does tend to short-circuit the betting experience. So far Delaware, New Jersey, Nevada and the District of Columbia have legalized online betting in some form or other.
Still grappling with exactly what the Internet was all about the legislators based their bill on the Federal Wire Act of 1961 that forbade electronic transmission of information for sports betting across telecommunications lines. Other states, including populous ones like California and Pennsylvania, are hashing out pro-online gambling laws and there are rustlings at the federal level to legalize and regulate online casinos.
It is not a stretch to imagine the continuing explosion of fantasy sports participation opening the doors to comprehensive federal laws that permit online sports betting of all forms.

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