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The Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP Investments) recorded an investment return of 16.3% for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2014.
In private markets, all asset classes posted solid investment returns for fiscal year 2014 led by private equity and renewable resources with returns of 24% and 20%, respectively. The pension plan for federal government employees earned a 16.3-per-cent return last year, beating its investment benchmarks and pushing assets under management to almost $94-billion.
On a 10-year basis, the fund has earned an average annualized return of 7 per cent, which translates into a return of 5.2 per cent after inflation is taking into consideration.
Like many pension funds, PSP’s returns in the past year easily topped gains in other recent periods due to steep improvements in stock market returns. Our Renewable Resources team formed a strategic agricultural joint venture with an established farmland investor and manager in Latin America, which will serve as PSP Investments’ platform for the further acquisition, development and management of farmland in the region.
We have made significant investments to build a robust technology and data-management infrastructure to support our rapid growth.
The solid results we posted for fiscal year 2014 reflect PSP Investments’ exceptional bench strength. What troubles me is that it has been over six years since I wrote my comment on alternative investments and bogus benchmarks, exposing their ridiculously low benchmark for real estate (CPI + 500 basis points). This type of excessive compensation for public pension fund managers beating their bogus private market benchmarks over a four-year rolling return period really makes my blood boil. Moreover, as I explained here, these are public pension funds, not private investment funds which have to worry about performance in order to raise assets.
I am an independent senior economist and pension and investment analyst with years of experience working on the buy and sell-side. As you scroll down the right-hand side, you will first see links to pension news, a guide to the basics, my blog archive, popular posts and comprehensive links to Canadian and global funds, government organizations, institutional organizations, advisors and vendors, broker dealers & investment banks, documents to pension plan governance, assets and liabilities, links to conferences, geopolitical news, market and industry research and my blog roll. Let's take a look at some of the actual returns for a small apartment building investment over a period of five years. PSP Investments generated net investment income of $12.6 billion for fiscal year 2014 and received $5 billion in net contributions. The fixed income portfolio generated a return of 4%, while the return for the world inflation-linked bonds portfolio was 6.9%.
Valentini said PSP has outperformed the long-term return target it needs to hit to meet its projected pension obligations. The Chief Actuary of Canada said federal pension plans needed to achieve an average return of 4.3 per cent after inflation over the past decade.
Private equity investments climbed 24 per cent last year, while renewable resource holdings were up 20 per cent and real estate climbed by 12.2 per cent.

1, Portfolio Management, is the Policy Portfolio, which essentially stipulates how every dollar transferred to PSP Investments is allocated to asset classes. However, we concluded that the current Policy Portfolio, with its target of 42% Private Markets investments, remains effective and should enable PSP Investments to meet or exceed its long-term rate-of-return objective (4.1% after inflation), with an acceptable level of risk. Upon reflection, the Board and senior management concurred that we continue to be well served by our current strategy, which entails working closely with select local partners to identify attractive potential investments abroad,while maintaining the organizational agility to respond quickly to such opportunities. Again, this transaction is consistent with PSP Investments’ strategy to partner with best-in-class investors and operators in key regions. The team we have built in Montreal is the equal of any similar-sized pension investment organization anywhere in the world.
They have captive clients giving them billions to manage so I find it hard to swallow all this nonsense that they deserve these hefty payouts because they manage billions and beat some bogus benchmarks based on a four-year rolling return period. I have researched and invested in traditional and alternative asset classes at two of the largest public pension funds in Canada, the Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec (Caisse) and the Public Sector Pension Investment Board (PSP Investments).
Supporting this conclusion is the fact that, over 10 years, PSP Investments has outperformed the return objective by 0.9% per year.
This investment fits well with PSP Investments’ aim of expanding its holdings in developing economies. The complexity of the transaction gave PSP Investments a competitive advantage to acquire an attractive portfolio of airports with long-term growth perspectives.
As PSP Investments’ portfolios continue to expand, these systems also allow for enhanced monitoring, reporting, analysis and risk management.
This excess return per year translates into a cumulative $7.7 billion of investment gains when taking into account the size and timing of cash inflows. Significant Real Estate acquisitions included a 50% stake in 1250 Rene-Levesque, a million-square-foot-plus Class A office tower in downtown Montreal that houses the main business offices of PSP Investments; and the purchase with several partners of a large office property strategically situated on Park Avenue in Manhattan. But you need not take my word for it: in the course of my frequent travels to meet with people around the globe with whom we do business, it is gratifying to hear the near universal respect and high regard our partners express for the men and women of PSP Investments with whom they deal. This is an opportunistic real estate deal that easily trounced its benchmark return of roughly 5% annualized over the last eight years. This examination includes a major focus on PSP Investments’ long-term capital market assumptions and related methodologies, which are key inputs in the design of the Policy Portfolio. Thanks in large part to the internal active management strategy, PSP Investments’ cost ratio has been trending downwards in recent years and compares favourably with peers in the Canadian pension investment industry. Moreover, results indicate that our internal investment managers have in many instances been significantly outperforming our externally-managed investments.
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