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This year’s return falls far short of the 16.1 percent mark the endowment posted last year. The 5.7 percent return compares favorably to the returns of other institutions, ranking in the top 25 percent of schools with endowments of at least $1 billion, according to Cambridge Associates.
But the Investment Committee is not focused primarily on single-year returns, Dietze wrote.
Dietze added that the endowment’s returns this year are “relatively better” than those over the past three and five years, which exceeded the mean and median returns for schools with $1 billion endowments but did not make the top quartile.
Despite these positive indicators, the University’s return still trailed those of the other three Ivy League schools to have reported theirs so far.
Dietze cited endowment size as a significant factor in the differences in the schools’ returns. The fund comprises a wide range of assets: It is 27 percent public equity, 31 percent hedged strategies such as hedge funds, 21 percent private equity, 8 percent real assets, 5 percent fixed-income instruments and 6 percent cash, according to information provided by the Investment Office.
Dietze said she anticipates few changes in strategy after seeing this year’s returns, noting that the Investment Committee’s evaluation process is always ongoing.
US PV project developer SunEdison, Chint Solar, the Public Investment Corporation and the Kurisani Youth Development Trust have obtained US$314 million in long-term debt and equity financing for two large-scale solar projects in Limpopo province, South Africa.

SolarCity announced that it has partnered with Credit Suisse on a second round of investment.
Japan approved on Monday incentives for renewable energy that could unleash billions of dollars in clean-energy investment and help the world's third-biggest economy shift away from a reliance on nuclear power after the Fukushima disaster. Cuba looks forwards to adding a 16.5 percent renewable energy contribution to the country's energy output as a crucial factor for security, sustainability and sovereignty. Global investments in clean energy need to double by 2020 to avoid missing climate change targets, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Monday, calling on governments to spend more on technologies such as carbon storage and solar power. A new report released today by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research shows that Minnesota can meet 100% of its electricity needs with in-state wind and solar power, and (with ample energy efficiency investments) at a comparable cost to its existing electricity supply. Harvard, which has fallen under scrutiny for low returns despite having the largest endowment of any university, barely edged Brown at 5.8 percent. The Corporation limits the endowment’s contribution to the budget to roughly 5 percent of its value to ensure future growth. Broad ranges for the weights of different asset classes are assigned by the Investment Committee. The investment will go towards building solar panel installations and will help offset the upfront cost of solar panels for SolarCity customers.

The investment will help support the purchase and installation of thousands of residential solar systems in the US. The solar farm, located 12km from the city of Diriamba, will be partly funded by the Japanese, with an investment of US$12 million.
Each round included an investment of US$100 million from Credit Suisse, for a total of US$200 million. Sponsored funding and auxiliary services account for 12 and 11 percent of the budget, respectively, and fundraising adds another 6 percent.
In a few states, such as South Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa, wind provides more than 10 percent of all electricity.

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