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The story of how Retirement Strategies came to be is really two separate stories coming together as one shared vision. Bill Hart entered the financial industry upon graduating college, working as a bank vice president and a life insurance agent before establishing a career as a financial planner and partnering with Bill Carr in 1994 to launch Retirement Strategies. Mary Beth Neeley, Partner and Chief Compliance Officer of Retirement Strategies, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business, regulatory compliance, financial planning and personnel. In addition to her duties at Retirement Strategies, Mary Beth is active with the Financial Planning Association (FPA), serving on the Board of Directors since 2009 and currently as the Programs Director.
Chandler joined Retirement Strategies in January 2015 as a support analyst where, among other duties, he conducts and reviews research to help financial advisors prepare for client meetings and projects.
Chandler’s desire to positively impact others by helping them reach their financial goals led him to Retirement Strategies. Sheila Collins has worked in financial services since 1978, specifically in investment management for the past 15 years. She formed Collins Capital Management (CCM) in 2002, holding positions of president and lead portfolio manager.
Originally from Glencoe, Minnesota, Debbie served in the United States Navy for 21 years, including cruises onboard the USS Moosbrugger and the USS John F.
Patricia Lawrence has helped clients achieve their income and long-term planning goals for more than 25 years in the financial services industry.
She continued her career with a local broker-dealer and registered investment advisory firm, gaining valuable knowledge and experience in compliance, customer care and overall operations while supporting top financial advisors. Janie looks forward to new challenges and building relationships with her team and clients at Retirement Strategies. When investing to generate an income for retirement, there will be many options to choose from. Purchasing an annuity or pension is the most common way of setting up an income stream for retirement.
If you choose to invest your savings in an immediate annuity, you will be provided with a regular source of income for life or a specified number of years. The amount you can receive as the amount and duration of your investment and the current interest rate will determine an immediate annuity.

Whilst examining how you'll finance your retirement is essential, other issues also need to be considered. However, keep in mind that, after spending several decades working full time, you could find the transition into retirement a bit of a shock.
A will allows you to direct how your assets will be distributed after your death and to choose the person(s) who are responsible for protecting your estate and carrying out your wishes. If you die intestate (without a will), your estate will be distributed according to a government formula.
In that moment, I gained total clarity about the kind of person I had to be for my clients.
There is a freedom that comes from knowing that I have honestly tried to do the best for my clients. For 13 years, I had worked my way up the corporate ladder with a large bank, and I thought it was what I would do for the rest of my life.
After overcoming my initial fears of leaving a job with a very attractive salary to start a new career with no salary, I decided to pursue becoming a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Investment Advisor. His background includes studying business at Jacksonville University and the University of North Florida, and a 13-year career in banking in which he rose from teller to be the Georgia statewide vice president of marketing for a large regional bank.  Bill has been married to his wife Ernie for 22 years and together they have raised four sons, Austin, Travis, Grayson and Chandler and enjoy spending time with their sons and three grandchildren. Mary Beth has been with Retirement Strategies since 1997 and possesses an extensive background in the financial services industry.
She’s always reading whatever she can to keep up to date on changes in the financial services industry, both regulatory and anything that affects financial planning and investment management. She spent two years teaching English in Clermont-Ferrand, France to pursue a passion for the French language. Sheila grew CCM into one of Northeast Florida’s leading wealth management firms before combining it with Retirement Strategies in late 2013.
Annuities and pensions can be paid for either a set period of time or for the rest of your life. Under current legislation it is possible to structure components of your superannuation so that when it is converted into an account based pension you pay little or no tax in retirement. It's almost inevitable that this formula won't produce the result that you would have wanted.

She began her career in banking before leaving in 1987 to work for a large broker dealer firm in Pennsylvania, where she gained experience in the many facets of the financial services industry and also found her passion. While serving, Debbie and her husband, Tom, enjoyed traveling the world and after her retirement from the Navy, she worked in management at JC Penney for six years prior to joining the Retirement Strategies team in 2006. Her duties not only provide wonderful opportunities to work with our existing clients, but also to introduce new clients to Retirement Strategies. For example, some can be bought only with your ETP (or superannuation) and others will allow you to invest regardless of how you have saved the lump sum.
For example, you could choose to have a lump sum paid to you annually, or you could opt to receive smaller sums each month.
However, they're very secure investments and, for many people, provide significant tax and social security advantages. Voluntary work can help you adjust to a retirement lifestyle by giving structure and purpose to your time without the stresses associated with paid employment. You should consider the product terms and conditions to ensure that the product is right for you before making a decision. In my first full year as an Investment Advisor, my earnings were 80% less than the previous year, but the sense of satisfaction that came from helping those who truly depended on me assured me that this was the work that God had intended for me.
We eagerly look forward to playing an important, lifelong role for our clients, a role they might never have imagined that a Financial Advisor could play … the role of a trusted friend who has a vested interest in their life. Tiffany joined Retirement Strategies in April 2009 and provides financial planning services for our clients. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, Mary Beth enjoys working on clients’ financial plans, employing strategies that help clients achieve their goals and life dreams.
For example, one fund manager may offer a no entry fee structure, while another may charge an entry fee but no exit fee. Neither Westpac nor any company in the Westpac Group accepts responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of, or endorses, any such material.

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