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Cash vehicle has become an expensive parking spaceThe following article is based on the FAIR Report titled: Canadian Market Funds -- Zero Returns.
Premium savings accounts: This segment of the deposit market is very competitive and these accounts have provided returns superior to money market funds in recent years.
Term deposits and GICs: Short term deposits tend to pay interest similar to that of premium savings accounts and require minimum investments.
Long taken for granted as a safe and accessible parking spot for an investment portfolio’s cash, these funds have traditionally have been seen as neither a place to get rich - or to lose money.
But more disturbing is that one-quarter of these funds actually produced negative returns during that period, thanks to their management expense ratios - the fees charged for administration.

But the fact remains that a 0.02% return over six months simply isn’t enough because, after inflation, you're losing ground. Some accounts pay a reasonable rate on higher balances, either by virtue of a high minimum investment or through a tier system that pays progressively higher rates depending on the size of the balance on deposit.
It provides a convenient place to put the proceeds from the sale of units of an equity fund until a new equity investment is selected - or if equity market conditions are unfavourable, to leave there until a better time to reinvest. Thus a money market component of a corporate class investment is the only tax-deferred cash alternative.
A money market fund held as an RRSP investment might be expensive to leave for an alternative cash investment because you could face annual trustee fees.

Money market funds' MERs are far lower than for equity and other types of funds - but even at a relatively low 1% or less, it doesn't take much to wipe out a rate of return in today's low interest rate environment.
Longer term guaranteed investment certificates usually provide better returns - but in many cases your money is non-redeemable. Most funds' prices (net asset values) are fixed at $10 and the rate of return is determined by the interest payout.

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