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Bullion rounds, bars, and coins are usually manufactured by stamping -- a press physically strikes the product out of a blank planchet of metal. There are a bewildering number of bullion bars on the market, especially gold and silver bars. Bars and rounds usually trade closer to the actual spot price of the metal than do bullion coins. The spot price of gold and spot price of silver are determined daily by what are known as the London Fixings. Extremely common are silver bars, gold bars, and platinum bars, but other precious metals are used in the production of bullion bars. Whereas bullion coins denote those manufactured by government mints and usually legal tender, bullion rounds are manufactured by private mints, like most bars. As we learned earlier in this Investing Guide, circulation coinage was previously made from precious metals, especially gold and silver. Most investors who buy physical bullion in large amounts tend to diversify, that is they buy bullion bars, coins, and rounds. These meetings of market participants would analyze the current gold and silver spot prices, and then see if there would be more sellers or buyers if the spot price was unchanged.

Additionally, many sovereign mints around the world also manufacture gold, silver, and platinum bullion, usually in the form of bullion coins. Instead, private mints manufacture bullion mainly for investment, and usually in the form of bullion bars or bullion rounds.
Most investors concentrate on buying gold bars or buying silver bars, but lately platinum bars, palladium bars, and rhodium bars have been increasing in popularity. Bars often have little design adornment, but bullion rounds usually feature a themed or commemorative design which can often be quite beautiful, making some rounds even popular with coin collectors. Today, some of these old coins still circulate, yet many more are bought and sold by investors for their silver and gold content. For example, a 100 ounce silver bar will cost less, ounce by ounce, than a 1 ounce silver bar. It has been estimated that for every troy ounce of silver actually delivered, 450 troy ounces of silver are traded electronically, with the owners never seeing the physical metal.
Because of this, the pouring method is almost never used for coins or rounds because they generally feature many more design features than bars do.
Bullion rounds are coin-shaped and often resemble circulation coinage, but it is important to note that they do not possess a face value, nor are they legal tender.

Unlike bullion bars, which are manufactured in a wide range of precious metals, bullion rounds are seldom produced in expensive metals like platinum. For example, pre-1965 US dimes, quarters, and half-dollars were struck from a silver-copper alloy containing 90% silver. Despite this, most private mints are extremely reputable, and many of the bars and rounds they produce match, or even exceed in quality, those that are manufactured by sovereign mints. Much more commonly seen are silver rounds, gold rounds, and those stamped from semiprecious metals, such as copper bullion rounds.
Today, investors buy junk silver coins like this, not for their numismatic value, despite being old, but for their silver bullion content.
Most common are silver bullion coins and gold bullion coins, but many governments have also produced platinum bullion coins and even palladium bullion coins.

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