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Newburgh Rotarian Doug Sturomski is the unofficial Peace Ambassador for Rotary District 7210, which encompasses the eight counties in the Mid-Hudson Region.
Radio Rotary Interviews Certified Holistic Health Coach and Millbrook Rotarian Ellie Savoy, author of Stop Dieting Start Living: 5 Foundations for Your Health, to Permanently Lose Weight Without Dieting, Starvation or Suffering in Silence. Rhinebeck Rotarian Lou Trapani, Artistic and Managing Director of The Center for the Performing Arts at Rhinebeck, returns to RadioRotary to discuss some of the upcoming performances at this hub for theater and related events, including the summer arts day camp, which brings many courses in theater-arts. Gloria De Pietro is the author of Abandoned: The Story of Boys Forgotten, the tales of four boys who received art therapy from her while they lived in a residential treatment center. The Rural and Migrant Ministry, a group that started with one person in a van about 50 years ago, is now a major force for empowerment for migrant farm workers in much of upstate New York.
We established the gun violence tax as a legitimate and appropriate way to raise revenue for gun safety research and prevention programs. Similarly, with so many new families moving to Downtown, South Lake Union, Capitol Hill and First Hill, Seattle Public Schools will likely need to find a site for one or more new schools.
On December 14, 2015, the Seattle City Council approved legislation increasing the penalties and remedies for wage theft. The companies that commit this crime continue to get away with it, because, if they are caught, they face little more consequence right now than having to pay the wages that they should have paid in the first place.
I wanted to thank the labor movement for participating in the task force that reviewed the various proposals, and fighting to make sure that it had meaningful remedies and penalties.
SEATTLE - Seattle City Council announced its tentative plan for committee assignments today, in preparation for work in 2016. I’ve decided to continue writing Urban Politics and keeping its intent and format roughly the same. I’m also working on hosting the cultural elements from my current council web page, by moving over Words Worth with over 200 poems from about that number of poets, and also Film Forum, with its selection of film clips, and finally Seattle Composer. I thank each of you for making my time on the council as fulfilling an endeavor anyone could ask for.
Another budget win for women was funding three computer programming paid internship positions with the City of Seattle for individuals without four year computer science degrees but who have gone through accelerated training programs.
And finally, a fifth budget-funded boost for women throughout Seattle ensures that, with the new buildings and new families in Seattle, the increased need for childcare is met. We owe much to the women, who are equal partners in this city, who vote for parks and universal pre-K, fund transit for all neighborhoods and support strong human rights and environmental policies. The Council then passed landmark legislation that allows drivers of for-hire vehicles to collectively join together and negotiate better working conditions, making Seattle the first city to take this step. We approved a thick bill (146 pages) improving and standardizing the enforcement processes for our local labor standards. A RESOLUTION declaring support for Muslim communities, affirming the religious pluralism of the United States, and urging Seattle residents to stand together for peace and understanding. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society funds research that has greatly reduced the death rate from these cancers, and the Society also provides education and support for patients as well as advocacy for better treatments and services.
While the letters SPCA stand for Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals, most people think of the Dutchess County SPCA largely in terms of pet adoptions (and they do handle this for all kinds of pets, including birds, rabbits, rats, and Guinea pigs, as well as dogs and cats), but there are many other services.

They use their part of the income from the Ribfest to support The Rotary Foundation, ShelterBox, and several local charitable causes, including defibrillators for various locations around Highland (one of which saved a customer having a heart attack at the diner where the Rotary meets). In this program, Attorney Betsy Shequine explains why mediation is a cheaper, faster, and more successful way to end a marriage than litigation for divorce. Many young children were being sold by their parents to work in Indian factories; young girls were often forced into prostitution. The City Budget Office estimates the gun violence tax will raise between $300,000 and $500,000 a year to be used for gun violence research and prevention programs.
The City Budget Office estimates the gun violence tax will raise between $300,000 and $500,000 a year to be used for gun violence research and prevention programs. There will eventually be a private right of action, so workers are empowered to pursue remedies for wage theft if the Office of Labor Standards is not able to. Each Councilmember is responsible for chairing a Council committee and managing legislation related to the committee's focus.
As chair, Councilmember Harrell will focus on issues relating to public schools and improving student success rates, intergovernmental relations, technology, ethics and elections, prisoner reentry and equity issues for underserved communities. The image of the Globe served as the logo for the newspaper appearing on its masthead and on each section of the paper. With thousands of high tech jobs moving into Seattle as we speak, women still are woefully under-employed in the field and these types of fast-tracked programs are a pivotal option to ensuring the Seattle region is known for its inclusive employment. This will be achieved by measuring the impact new buildings have on the demand for childcare and that funding is set aside with new projects to meet that increased demand. If there is one lesson I have learned about a last minute, good-sounding but unfunded program is that, if it passes, the funding usually comes from cutting other critical services. The legislation better protects workers, while leveling the playing field for business that are already in compliance by deterring and penalizing bad-actor employers. Additionally, OLS will issue a RFP in early 2016 for $275,000 to help with business education and outreach focusing on small and immigrant owned businesses.
Carleton Harris started with the summer camp run by the Rural and Migrant Ministry, leading him to become involved with the Youth Arts Group, which has much the same mission as the newly formed EPIC. One way that you can help fund the Society and also increase awareness is to participate in one of the several Light the Light Walks in the Hudson Valley or Connecticut. A low-cost clinic, open to the public, provides routine veterinarian care for all sorts of pets. After a stint in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua, he mixed an academic career with work for nonprofits, including Rotary International. Under the supervision of a local foreman, the students bend rebar, mix cement, lay bricks, paint, and perform other basic construction tasks. The Blue Butterfly Foundation, created by Lauren Yanks, has helped save over 2,000 children from trafficking, the use of force or fraud to cause humans to provide labor or sex against their will. Di Pietro first encountered art when she suffered a near fatal illness as a child; the nurses at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City had set up an art corner for their young patients. As part of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA) and its later extensions, the privacy of medical information is assured and kept in electronic form.

In New York State there is no requirement for a day off, so most workers labor for seven days each week during the harvest season. The Seattle area already has other freeway lids that are well proven to improve the quality of life for residents.
For that reason, I’m moving it over to my new website, which will serve as a link with others organizing both locally and nationally around urban issues. We made a small change to our business licenses that allows us to more easily revoke these for unlawful businesses.
Between the three of them, we are saying goodbye to 42 years of collective service on the Council. Grace Latino Outreach (GLO) has for the past decade offered programs in English as Second Language as well as aid of all kinds for the immigrant population.
Amanda Harley, a campaign assistant for the Society, visits RadioRotary to describe the walks and provide information about cancers of the blood.
Manion has been involved with 4-H for years, although she is into community service (the Teen Action Group TAG) and puppeteering, not animal husbandry. In addition to lobbying, the Ministry provides a one-week overnight camp for children of migrant workers as well as a youth art program and a conference for women workers. Aubrey Davis Park (aka the Mercer Island lid) is a wonderful park with great ball fields, picnic areas and bike paths and the Sam Smith Park over I-90 in the Mount Baker neighborhoods are good examples.
As a matter of fact, the effectiveness of a law like this, of legislation like this, is enhanced by increased unionization and pro-union legislation, like the bill that we just passed for app-based drivers. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and UNICEF, the number of cases has been reduced to about 150 per year and it is endemic only in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Her best-selling book tells how she did that for herself and how the reader can do the same. Risko created the first Rotary-oriented service organization for senior citizens, Elderact. After the World Trade Center collapse, witnessed by many children, there was a call for art therapists to help these children recover. This effort has been aided by hundreds of millions of dollars from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation put forth as matching challenges for The Rotary Foundation, currently a two-for-one match to every Rotary dollar up to $35 million per year. A phone call to 845-471-6167 costs nothing and provides a way for the process to be explained. She urges listeners to become aware that their pursuit of evermore inexpensive items and food is contributing to this international tragedy.
For later sessions, including the initial consultation meeting, the parties are charged on a per-session basis.

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