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Fellow spreadsheet and investing enthusiasts, the world of Wall Street is open for understanding. With that being said, I started to do some research and found a company that looked intriguing ($BRO if you care.) I was looking over the financial statements (latest 10K from FY 2014) and I noticed something that through up a amber flag for me. With this company, the Operating Activities and Investing Activities were good but the Financing Activities held a significant positive value. We spend our waking hours dutifully slaving away for the man, hoping to be rewarded someday with happiness, leisure, and luxury. Attempting to build a dividend stock portfolio when you are already in your 40s or 50s may be disappointing, especially when you see the kinds of magic compounding numbers I share about investing when you are in your 20s. It’s easy to find plenty of websites willing to share a “top ten” list of good dividend stocks for the year. So instead of give you what you’re looking for, presumably good dividend stocks, I’m going to teach you how to find good dividend stocks with 3 common metrics.
A property that you paid $200,000 for might be a great deal if you can make $2,500 a month from it, and not such a great deal if you only make $1,500 a month from it.

The difference between buying a tomato to feed you once and a tomato seed to feed you indefinitely is the difference between buying a stock to make money and buying a stock for the dividend.
What’s interesting about the Monopoly example is that it utilizes a rare force in the world.
I am still new to investing (started about 9 months ago) and have been following your guidance the entire way.
I was always told when looking at the cash flow statement for a company you want to see a significant positive value in the Operating Activities section, and negative values in the Investing and Financing Activities sections. But you can still have at least 25 foreseeable years of compounding left in you if you are in your 50s, or even more.
If you buy a rental property for cash flow, the success of that investment depends on the price you paid for it and the cash flow it gives you.
Many beginners can’t get their heads around the reasons to find stocks with dividends. And as they miss this picture, they miss the most powerful worldly force for building wealth.

These properties don’t pay for themselves right away, yet you know that the key is to snatch up these properties as they will more than pay for themselves in the long term. The tomato plant, for example, requires maintenance– not as much effort as the initial plant but still significant. I just read one of your latest posts about looking for stocks that have increased their dividend payment over the last 10 years. The difference is that you can take a long term approach for delayed gratification and greater benefit, or a short term gratification that quickly evaporates.

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