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Over the past decade, Aqua has bought over 200 water utilities, with 12 acquired in 2014 alone.
Aqua America allows you to invest directly into the company, bypassing broker commission fees. Lastly, you want as much money as possible invested in this stock for the sheer dividend benefits.
Simply put, nothing has been a more significant generator of wealth in the last 100 years than the stock market. Since the creation of the S&P 500 index in 1957, the index has averaged a 7% annual return. Compare that situation to Person 2, who waits until age 30 to start investing $1,000 a year.
Even though Person 1 saved $20,000 less, they will end up with more than $56,000 more than person 2!
Person 1 will have $56,000 more to spend on traveling, a house, a car, etc., later in life because of the sacrifice early to save $1,000 a year (less than $100 a month!) early on in their life. We have guides on creating and following a budget, smart savings plans and comprehensive investment research that will get you back on track for your future financial goals.
Part 2 talks about all the investment accounts out there, and finding which is best for you.
Part 4 finished the series off with discussing Asset Allocation, or how you split up your money between stocks, bonds and other investments. Get over the stock market and sell and when most people who is easy to buy stocks is investing in the domestic stock market brings together people invest in the domestic stock. No matter how advanced we become, we can never escape the fact that our bodies are composed of roughly 65% of it.

It buys family operated water utilities as well as run down municipal utilities usually for pennies on the dollar.
When this happens, the relative ownership stake of each investor increases because their are fewer shares (or claims) on the earnings of the company.
HOWEVER, this does not include your dividends reinvested at a 5% discount, nor does it include any stock rate growth on reinvested dividends! Being able to responsibly allocate your savings to the stock market now means meeting your financial goals in the future.
The money grows in a tax-friendly retirement account such as a Roth IRA until he retires at age 65. Person 2 puts away $1,000 a year into a retirement account for the next 35 years, until he reaches 65 years old. There are thousands of individual stocks, thousands more mutual funds, and yet thousands more ETFs (exchange traded funds).
The company then goes in upgrades the infrastructure to reduce cost and improve quality, all while acquiring new customers. If you invested today, and reinvested dividends every quarter, you would earn 45.59% at the end of 10 years. Timing the market is usually a fools errand, and if you do have success it is likely from luck.
As mentioned early, your discounted reinvested dividends immediately receive a 5.26% return to market.
His investment grows at a rate of 7%, the average return of the S&P 500 index over the last 55 years.
Person 2 has saved a total of $35,000 ($20,000 more than Person 1), and will see that investment grow at the same historical average rate of 7%.

With dollar cost averaging, you smooth out the ups and downs of the chart and find a median. Add on the 8.1% stock growth, and the 8% dividend growth rate, and you are receiving an additional return on reinvested dividends of a staggering 21.36%! I want to be that painting over the fireplace that my great great grandkids raise a glass to.
Real time on how to divide the beginner and succeed in the stock market has yet been rushing.
Also consider the dividend of 2.5% and your returns are fast approaching 8% on dividends reinvested without even accounting for further dividend increases OR stock growth!
Part 3 also reviews some of the largest and most popular brokers out there today, so you know where to go to start investing. This is why I suggest to you, that investing in water is the SAFEST and most consistent investment one can make. They pipe it in the faucets, and then they pipe it out the toilets to the waste water treatment plant.
When looking for water stocks to invest in, invest in the pipeline process, not in the resource.
At the same time, new money is constantly being invested and will take care of any drops in prices along the way.
It is THE MOST VALUABLE resource to a human being and yet we refuse to acknowledge it as the most glaringly obvious, most awesome investment of all time.

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