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In a separate development, Marc Lasry announced a new fund dedicated to distressed debt investments in Europe. World's largest hedge fund manager, Ray Dalio, flips out after China's stock market gives back 22% of its 118% gain!
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Ray Dalio, founder and manager of the gargantuan, $169 billion Bridgewater Associates hedge fund, is saying "there are no safe places to invest" in China after the market gave back 22% of its 118% gain. Dalio, I believe, was also one of those hedge fund biggies who expected hyperinflation and a dollar collapse (and maybe even spiking rates) from quantitative easing. Matt, According to Wikipedia, the investment management firm BlackRock has $4.77 trillion assets under management! Ray Dalio who is the founder and manager of the biggest hedge fund in the world, Bridgewater Associates, shared that he likes the Chinese economy long-term for its great potential. Ray Dalio head of the world's biggest hedge fund, told CNBC on Wednesday the FED should wait for signs of inflation before it raises interest rates. Fed Chair Janet Yellen's cautious bearing to winding down easy monetary policy has been the correct approach, the Bridgewater Associates founder on "Squawk Box." Dalio's firm manages $163 billion overall, including nonhedge fund money. Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio sits down the "CBS This Morning" co-host Charlie Rose to discuss his understanding of the way the economy works, as well as his philosophies and how he puts them to work in his company and his life.
While the rest of the levered-beta 2 and 20 chasers formerly known as "hedge funds" recently accused risk parity of blowing up their August returns (September is not shaping up much better) the biggest risk-parity fund in the world also found a scapegoat: the global economy, which according to Dalio, is the reason for All Weather's dramatic August slump. Dalio, who is one of the most successful hedge fund managers ever, said that he would not invest in Bitcoins right now.
Bridgewater Associates, based in Wesport, Conn., estimates it will take about $10 trillion for public pensions to meet their financial obligations in the coming decades as an aging population retires, but according to Bridgewater’s report there is only about $3 trillion in assets to invest. In order to cover the coming expenses, Bridgewater estimates pension plans would need to earn an annual return of 9 percent.
The report said most states’ public pension systems work on a presumption of a 7-8 percent annual return on their investments, but Bridgewater says a more realistic goal is 4 percent — or even less. Given all those factors, Bridgewater’s report concludes that as much as 85 percent of public pension plans could run out of money within three decades.
Bridgewater Associates Lp Positions Overview Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates Lp just filed its Q3 2015 13F. Bridgewater Associates Lp 13F Analysis Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates Lp just filed its Q2 2015 13F. Ray Dalio (Net Worth 15 Billion) – “There are now no safe places to invest.” On 23 July 2015”. Bridgewater Associates Lp Quarterly Filing Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates Lp just filed its quarterly 13F.

The largest hedge fund manager in the world is convinced the market is not a bubble about to burst. Today, Ray Dalio’s net worth is $10 billion and his company is one of the leading hedge funds with around $120 billion assets under management.
During the financial crisis era of 2008, when most of the Bridgewater competitors made huge losses, the Pure Alpha funds rose to a net of nine and a half percent. Titled as the Steve Jobs of Investing, Dalio owns a three-story Greenwich mansion prized at $3.64 million where he lives with his wife with four children.
The company is based in Westport, Connecticut by the name of Bridgewater Associates with approximately 1200 employees. The firm has 3 hedge funds under it, namely – the Pure Alpha fund which is the main fund, the All Weather, and the newest fund Pure Alpha Major Markets.
The birth of Pure Alpha Strategy in 1991 turned out to be so successful that the firm had to send the money back to investor’s home in order to keep the strategy practical. Bridgewater, the largest and most successful US based hedge fund currently have over $75 billion under management.   In a recent interview with their iconic CEO, Ray Dalio one of the questions that arose was what figured high in Dalio’s list of favorite literature.
The connection between history and investment in which  Dalio places great stress was very predominant in the interview.
Ray Dalio, legendary hedge fund manager, brain and driving force behind Bridgewater Associates is not slow in sharing his life and management principles with the people that he employs at Bridgewater.
Wall Street Journal reports that Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, informed its investors that the firm will add a new hedge fund, All Weather Major Markets, to its portfolio in the running year. Bridgewater’s latest investor letter also mentions that the firm sold a passive stake to an outside buyer. Bridgewater Associates has since attracted many clients including pension funds and is currently (as of January 2012) the largest hedge fund in the world with nearly $120 billion under management. Now the company manages approximately $122 billion in global investments for a wide range of institutional clients.
Bridgewater's message is simple: absent far more easing, what the charts above signal is that the US economy is about to slam head-on into an economic recession.
That’s pretty high, but last month ERB reported its investment portfolio returned 11.7 percent for the calendar year.
It serves foreign governments, central banks, corporate and public pension funds, university endowments and charitable foundations while managing almost $125 billion in global investments. Apart from being a fixed income and currency advisor, Bridgewater has expanded its expertise on advising hedging interest rates and price risk of commodities.
The white paper by the name of Daily Observations is published at a subscription and is read and perused by investors all over the world.
While his internal newsletter “Ray Dalio Principles” is, in true terms, required reading by all of the all more than 1000 employees at Bridgewater, there would have been very few that required too much convincing.

The All Weather Major Markets will serve as an offshoot of the $65 billion All Weather Fund and will prevent it from becoming oversized. This is in addition to the $2.78 billion which Avenue Capital raised last year to invest in European assets. The firm manages more than $12 billion in assets and had about $3.9 billion of this allocated in European investments by the end of 2012. Since the beginning of 2010, Bridgewater made profits from its investments in developed-market currencies, equities, emerging-market debts and currencies as well as commodities. A sister fund by the name of All Weather was launched after the success of Pure Alpha Strategy.
The flagship was also open to new investors who willingly invested $7+ billion, making it the largest hedge fund set up. The recent move is in line with many other hedge funds, who are spreading their assets in several eurozone countries like, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy. From previous reports, The Teacher Retirement System of Texas and Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System are some of the outside investors of Bridgewater. In the world of investing, "hope" has never been an investment strategy that one could profit by. There will be a funding gap and wider credit spreads, making this whole process even harder. What to Buy and Where He Sees Investment OpportunitiesKyle Bass Bearish on Emerging Markets for at least 2 More Years. The Daily Observations research published by the company is read and followed by leaders and politicians such as these of CBs, global pension funds, U.S. Based on my experience with index funds, you only took risk in order to avoid losing money to people that are trying to anticipate what index funds are going to do. As of 2011, the fund is reported to have lost money in only three of its 20 year existence and had an average annualized return of 18 percent. Almost 30 percent of advisors put clients in hedge funds, but only 11 percent will personally invest. About 45 percent of advisors have placed clients in private placements and 56 percent have placed clients in limited partnership investments. But referrals from either personal connections or through the hedge fund itself are also persuasive.

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