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Today, the term "hedge fund" refers not so much to hedging techniques, which hedge funds may or may not employ, as it does to their status as private and unregistered investment pools. In addition, hedge funds will typically have both a management and performance fee component, and managers of hedge funds will typically have a significant portion of their personal net worth invested in the fund. A properly diversified and managed hedge fund portfolio can provide superior investment returns with significantly lower portfolio risk in comparison to traditional equity portfolios.

Unlike mutual funds, hedge funds are not required to register with the SEC under the Investment Act of 1940. Unlike private equity funds, hedge funds generally invest in liquid securities and provide relatively liquid redemption rights to investors. Farmers were the first "hedgers" by selling crops or cattle yet to be harvested at a predetermined price for future delivery.

It was possible that the short side would even add to the portfolio’s return since there are always stocks that lose value, even in a bull market.

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