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As Ice hockey began gained popularity in the 1800’s, the newly appointed Governor general of Canada, Frederick Stanley – Lord Stanley of Preston, became an avid fan of the game.
For wagering purposes, a hockey game (pro or college) becomes official after fifty-five (55) minutes of play. 000 Hockey season opens tonight and we’ve got a an opening night play on the three game slate.

Our EOG Sports Hour hockey expert Grady Roy said that this Flyers’ team could be the team to beat this season and is his selection to win the Stanley Cup.
Perhaps more so than any other sport, hard work and competitive intensity goes a long way in hockey.
Seeing the lack of a solitary challenge for all the teams in the Dominion of Canada to compete for, Lord Stanley purchased a decorative bowl that he donated as the challenge cup trophy to the top amateur hockey team in Canada.

The overtime and shootout rules also adds a strong element of chance to every game—hockey by nature is low scoring so when the outcome is decided in a more arbitrary manner it by definition favors the underdog.

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