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When Americans think about betting on sports, our first thoughts usually turn to football and horse racing.
Money line bets are the most basic and popular market in tennis (and the majority of sports for that matter, including horse racing). The money line is used not only for individual games, but also for betting on a player to win the tournament outright. With the tennis season well underway, and the U.S Open just around the corner, now’s the time to get down to the bookies with your new betting know-how. Luke Rees is a sports writer and enthusiast from London, UK, who likes to cover tennis, cycling, and football (or soccer to y’all). Dear Sports Fan helps you know what to talk about, how to talk about it, and what it all means.
The popular past time of following sport either from your television or right at the field, is only enhanced by adding the element of sports betting. In this guide we will discuss how sports betting and terms that are involved in sports betting such as no vig.

A Superior Sports Betting System for Betting on NHL, NFL, MLB and NBAIf betting (and winning) on the USA’s Big Four sports is your interest, hobby or passion, you’re going to love the Sports Betting Legend System.
Our keen sports fanatics have worked for years to develop a definitive, superior betting system that will allow you to consistently enjoy a success rate higher than 95%. Sports Betting Legend, is committed not only to offering a reliable, professional betting system, but also to providing genuine customer-focused service.
We guarantee you will win over 95% of your Sports Bets using our Sports Betting Legend System on all 4 Sports, including NBA Basketball, MLB Baseball, NHL Ice Hockey, and NFL Football. If you started with just $1,000 and you placed bets to win of only 5% of your bankroll or Sportsbook balance just playing NBA for this season you would now have a balance of $30,426 that’s over a 3042% increase since December 2011!!! On the “Why Sports Betting Legend” page on our website you will find the Sports Betting Legend system results for the past 3 years. While most of our competitors only offer you a lifetime of selections for two or three sports and hit you with hidden costs for additional ones after you sign up, Sports Betting Legend gives you a lifetime of selections for all four sports for a one-off payment $US159. If you are not totally satisfied with the performance of the Sports Betting Legend System selections, we will refund the full purchase price unconditionally, with no questions asked.

This is commonly referred to as Outright Winner betting: you can see some Wimbledon outright winner predictions at Bookmakers, for example.
This is because rather than predicting the outright winner, you are instead betting on how a certain player performs. His most memorable sports experience was watching Federer and Roddick in the Wimbledon final in 2009 – he was rooting for Roddick, but Federer absolutely smashed it! If betting (and winning) on the USA’s Big Four sports is your interest, hobby or passion, you’re going to love Sports Betting Legend System. To explain how betting works in tennis, I called on Luke Rees, a British sports fan and writer.

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