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It is difficult to think about retirement when you are young and your focus is on starting a career, not ending one.
Any money you put away and invest now will have the longest time to grow, due to the magic (or actually, the mathematics) of compound interest.
One of my colleagues has created a beautiful chart (which you can download here) to show you the power of compound interest, and what happens if you start saving just a little at a time when you are in your 20’s, versus starting 10 years later.
Kids Real Estate education and the importance of saving money at a very young age will help them invest wisely in the future. Kids Real Estate education can then be introduced by slowly discussing with your kids the basics of home ownership and the initial payments involved.

With the advent of the internet and the global economy our children around aware of at a young age, it’s easier than ever to make them to be conscious of the importance of smart financial planning and how property ownership falls into that category. With everything that we are planning to do it is important to include our kids Real Estate education early, teach them on how to set goals and the value of saving money for their future. It is difficult to imagine yourself with wrinkles and grey hair, planning vacation with your children and grandchildren. Find a way to trim a few small things from your budget, and put aside a few dollars every month. Watch as your money gradually makes more money, and challenge yourself to put away a little more every month.

If and when you need a lender it is important to explain to your kids that for your loan to get approved, you will need to prove a solid background of good credit and smart financial decisions.
The person you see mentally when I describe a retiree does not seem to have anything to do with you, but in a few decades, it will have everything to do with you.

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