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I wrote a few years ago about the blight of Atlantic City and how surrounding states like Pennsylvania, Maryland and New York have reduce the amount of day trippers going to AC. Governor Christie has had enough, the casinos are closing and consumer behavior is forcing his hand to ignore the federal government and allow race tracks and casinos to start taking sports bets immediately. The average annual handle (what the casinos earned) in Vegas for each NFL season since 1969 is $41.7M. Christie’s bet is a winner not just for the casinos but also for the bettors themselves. I’ve been going to Vegas for 15 years for the March Madness tournament and would love to give AC a try as soon as the books are open there. This entry was posted in Uncategorized, Sports, op-ed and tagged sports, sports gambling, las vegas, atlantic city by Greg C..

The way the bet works is that you select 3 teams against the spread; however, you are given 10-points in your favor for each team you select. The point to this bet is hitting all 3 teams – and even getting 10 additional points, it sometimes is not as easy as it looks. A This is the last best hope for New Jersey gambling revenues and it is the bet (pardon the pun) that Governor Chris Christie is making. A This doesn’t include all the ancillary revenue they bring in from people just being in Vegas.
A Instead of betting off shore with the fear that their money will be stuck overseas, Americans can now cash their tickets and pocket the money.
But that still doesn’t diminish the fun of “swinging for the fences” to see if luck is on your side and you can rattle off multiple winners on a parlay card at a Vegas sports book.

So the next time you visit a William Hill sports book while in Vegas, take a look at the 10-point teaser parlay – it’s 3X the fun! Some parlay cards offer whopping odds, but there are some parlay bets – teasers, that have smaller returns but can be just as fun.  One such parlay bet, being offered by William Hill sports books in Vegas, is the 10-point teaser parlay. A The federal government has blocked New Jersey’s efforts and the NCAA and professional sports leagues have joined in.
You are basically buying points to increase the chances of winning your bet – and when chances are increased; the payoffs obviously get a tad lower.

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