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For us to win the bet we need our team to win by 2 or more goals (2-0, 3-1 etc), however with -1 Asian handicap you get the safety of a refund if your team wins by a single goal (1-0, 2-1 etc). This works just like the -1 Asian handicap but for 2 goals, we need our team to win by 3 or more goals (3-0, 4-1 etc). Just like -1.5 Asian Handicap but with an extra goal, we need our team to win by 3 or more clear goals (3-0,5-2, 4-1 etc). Today it seems like everyone has an opinion on their favorite team’s baseball game on the internet. We’ll tell you right now that the most important thing to handicap in a baseball game is pitching.

Making your own baseball picks is your best bet based on the input of other handicappers, analysts and data. We’ll explain the main handicaps we use in our tips and explain what needs to happen for us to win the bet. One of the common mistakes a bettor makes is taking to heart everything read on a sports betting forum. There are dozens of factors and hundreds of sources online to find MLB betting information including stats, injuries, line-ups, umpires, odds, team news and much more. We show bettors exactly how we handicap MLB and come up with our baseball picks, so that once you learn enough you’ll also be able to handicap baseball games.

Even after doing all of your handicapping on an MLB game you need to still determine if the odds present any value. If you do not have time to handicap baseball you could use an MLB picks service, but make sure you stick strictly to reputable providers with a track record.

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