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This trip will take us to some pretty amazing places where nature makes you feel empowered and free. I picked out some rather loud styles for our shoot but once I got comfortable in them, I had no qualms wearing them "off-set". When I entered my room at the Dream Hotel Midtown, this was the first thing I saw: a framed picture of my 2 puggles, a bottle of champagne and a gluten-free birthday cake!
I teamed up with Chrissy's and my bestie, Michelle from YoGoGirls, to bring you these playful and sporty looks.

I also wanted to take a moment to tell all of you that I'm always here to answer your questions about health & wellness so feel free to contact me. I'm asking everyone to snap a pic of their favorite outfit, fit look, accessory, or fitness fashion product. Fashion is going sporty on NYFW catwalks and tech is catering more than ever to wellness conscious users.
The lotus flower is now bold, proud and sharp looking, which I personally think translates better to fitness and sport.

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