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The 2013 NFL season is rapidly approaching and the state of Delaware is doing its part to ensure that it makes the most out of its advantage of being one of the few states that can currently offer sports betting. In an effort to generate even more revenue from its sports betting business, the state’s lottery is ramping up the number of retailers, restaurants and bars where people can bet on NFL games this season. The decision to expand its sports betting offering wasn’t a hard one for the Delaware Lottery. Make no mistake, though, Delaware is earnestly paying attention to what transpires in New Jersey’s fight against the NCAA and the four professional sports leagues regarding the legalization of sports betting in its borders. This is important for Delaware because if New Jersey succeeds in legalizing sports betting, the state will follow suit in trying to open up the business to more than what is currently in place.
For now, though, the state is more than happy doubling the betting sites for in the state in time for the upcoming NFL season. Similar to the US lottery system, Internet gambling could be legalized on a state-by-state basis. The soft launch is expected to last a couple of weeks before the full launch of online gambling in the state takes effect early next month. There is increasing sponsorship at sporting grounds and of clubs, from logos on guernseys to dedicated club-branded gambling web sites. Ban ads for gambling services in children’s viewing hours before 9pm including during sports broadcasts. Prohibit cash-for-comment where sports commentators integrate promotion of betting companies into sports commentary.
Sport is a big part of Australian life, but thanks to the rise of the sports betting companies, professional sport is now saturated with gambling ads. Prohibit cash-for-comment where sports commentators integrate promotion of betting companies into sports programs such as the footy show.
A ban on sponsorship of sporting teams by gambling companies to limit the exposure of gambling brands to young kids. In recent years, the connection between sports and sports betting has been growing at an accelerating rate.
The growing nexus between sport and gambling has gone as far as including a bookmaker as part of the commentary team of a televised rugby game. Kids also see Gambling logos every time they look at some of their favourite athletes – plastered right there on the guernsey. By ending team sponsorship by sports betting companies, we can reduce exposure to gambling messages only to those places where it is transparent and accompanied by a responsible gambling message. We have to stem the tide of sports betting before a trip to the footy is like a day at the races.

The Greens have drafted a Bill which would disentangle gambling from sports broadcasting, and Senator Di Natale will present a petition to make sure that the voices of everyday Australians are heard in the Australian Parliament on this issue. Although TopBet was only launched in 2011, making it a relative newcomer to online sports betting, it has quickly become one of the more popular online sportsbooks in America. We rank TopBet as one of the best US sports betting sites in a number of categories, and for good reason. For an overall review of the TopBet gambling site, including their online casino, please see the following page: Full TopBet Review. Considering the challenges for US facing gambling in processing deposits and withdrawals, TopBet performs very well in this area.
As a US focused sportsbook the emphasis is very much on the major American sports: football, baseball, basketball and hockey. When it comes to betting options for football, baseball, basketball, and hockey, TopBet really scores very well.
As it should be at all good online sportsbooks, it’s very simple to place your chosen wagers at TopBet. Despite the fact that TopBet doesn’t really offer anything over and above what you would expect, we rank this sportsbook very highly. Last year, Delaware expanded sports betting, moving access to it from its three state racetrack casinos and allowing 31 establishments throughout the state to carry sports betting.
Currently, the sports leagues were successful in stopping the state’s plan to legalize sports betting after a judge ruled in their favor. All profit generated from this site goes to support initiatives of the Calvin Ayre Foundation. Research already shows that most kids are able to identify several sports betting companies – just from watching the footy. The Greens care about sport and want it to be about the competition on the field – not about the odds.
Online betting is rising, with up to $1.6 billion lost online every year including sports betting. During the last term of Parliament the Greens initiated several inquiries into sport, including sports gambling and the regulation of sports science. Sport should be about community and healthy competition, not an interactive gambling experience.
The site accepts customers from all over the world, but it has a clear focus on those from the US and caters very well to them.
They are undoubtedly a great option for placing wagers online if you live in the United States and we have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them.

You can use Visa or MasterCard credit cards for deposits and acceptance rates for these are pretty high.
There’s coverage of a wide range of other sports as well, although the markets and betting options can be a little more limited for these. TopBet does offer betting markets on several major races, such as the Kentucky Derby for example, but there’s no day to day racing coverage.
No matter what type of wagers you like to place you are almost certain to be catered for here.
Young men in particular are being trained to believe gambling is a skill and are primed to start their gambling careers early. There’s big money in sports betting, and the betting companies have moved in on professional sports.
At the same time, visitors to any major sporting stadium may be constantly exposed to sports betting ads during at the ground the whole game.
We’ve provided a complete review of the TopBet sportsbook on this page, so please read on to find out why we rate it so highly. It can take a little longer on occasion, but for the most part TopBet are pretty good at paying out.
This is a bit of a disappointment, but obviously it’s not a huge problem if you tend to bet on the main American sports. These features are certainly welcome, but they are fairly standard at online sportsbooks so there are no points for innovation here. Coverage of some sports could be improved and a racebook would be an excellent addition, but if you tend to focus on the big four US sports, then these issues won’t bother you. But there is an ever-growing nexus between sport and gambling including advertising, sponsorship and broadcast tie-ins that mean it’s now impossible to watch a major sporting event without being urged to bet. Between the saturation advertising, billboards at the ground and constant references to betting during sporting commentary, it’s almost impossible to enjoy a game of football without being encouraged to gamble.
By normalising gambling behaviour, and associating it forever with sport, we may be turning our kids into the problem gamblers of the future. In the past, we have even see clubs team up with betting companies to launch club-themed gambling web sites. Young men in particular are being trained to believe gambling is a skill and are primed, often through peer pressure, to start their gambling careers early.

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