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Excel Soccer World Cup 2010 Planner lets you track the latest scores and standings in the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Excel Soccer World Cup 2010 Planner is a highly advanced Excel spreadsheet that allows you to input and track results, view current standings, check fixtures and get information about the venues and stadiums.
Hi John,Since this is an Excel document, you can download it and open it using Office for Mac. Excel Soccer World Cup 2010 Planner comes with a quick guide that explains how to use the spreadsheet.

It's well worth reading this before you start because it can be difficult to figure out how to use the planner. Excel Soccer World Cup 2010 Planner does have primitive user interface, navigated using the icons at the top of the page. Remember, that everything is calculated based on the results you enter yourself, so if you make a mistake when typing scores in, this will affect the other permutations. The Predictions area of Excel Soccer World Cup 2010 Planner lets you set up up to four leagues of up to 32 different teams each.
League tables are kept of each player's performance. Excel Soccer World Cup 2010 Planner will suit die-hard football fans with the patience to enter all the data themselves.

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