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We are picking a team other than Toronto tonight, but remember we predicted them to win both games in the home and home. On a rare night before the impending Ovechkinless all star break, it can be said it wasn’t difficult to choose tonight’s match up. The Flames went one and one in tight games, and finished the trip airing it out over the Deadmonton Oilers. The best part is the Sharks are on zero rest coming off an extra time loss to the much the same Oilers. The Flames have a slight edge in the last ten played, and the over .500 record is good for them.
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That means it’s suggested to make a .5-1 unit play from last night’s winnings on the Leafs again tonight. The Sharks have done well to stay first in such a tough division, but fighting hard to keep their position makes them a candidate for the team needing a break most of all. They will be feeling good about themselves, but not complacent or lazy against an extremely strong opposition. The barely over .500 record is not a good mark for the tired Sharks, in desperate need of a break from hunting.
We are back on .500 and if you’ve been following the suggested plays you’re in the black after last night.
They should have no issue going into the break with a loss, accepting a well deserved rest, and going back to the chalk board to figure out how to pick up where they left off.

You may’ve already been ahead as most of our winners also hit for the spread whereas losing plays were mostly ML slight favorites and underdogs.
Calgary is coming home after a sturdy three game road trip and a perfect two day period of rest.
We don’t really use streaks to determine our picks, but there’s no reason they can’t tell us when to shy away.

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