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Why this matters: Although Fox streaming isn’t of much help to people who don’t have a pay TV subscription (and can’t borrow a login from someone who does), it’s still a welcome step in freeing subscribers from the cable box.
There is one major issue with Fox’s NFL streaming: You still can’t watch from Fox’s app on smartphones.
For tablets, Fox Sports Go currently offers apps for iPad, Android, Amazon Fire devices, and Windows. Although a pay TV subscription is required, you should be able to watch live games with just basic cable, rather than a more expensive bundle. This article has been corrected to note that Fox Sports Go is available on Amazon's Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

Provided you get Fox through a supported pay TV provider, you can stream in-market games by providing your login details. The one big exception is Dish Network, which doesn’t currently have an agreement with Fox Sports Go.
With Fox’s app, you’ll be able to watch live games from anywhere both inside and outside the house. As for connected televisions, Fox supports Android TV for watching on Nvidia Shield Android TV, Nexus Player, Razer Forge, or Android-powered smart TV. CBS is streaming seven games (with no cable subscription required), while NBC will stream its Sunday Night Football broadcasts.

A Fox Sports representative said as long as your pay TV package allows you to watch NFL games, you can stream them through Fox Sports Go. In addition to regular season games, Fox will also stream an NFC Wild Card game, an NFC Divisional Playoff game, and the NFC Championship match.

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