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Canada will play Switzerland on Sunday in the Women's World Cup 2015 Round of 16, with both teams fighting it out for the place in the quarter finals of the tournament.
Things start today with a do-or-die game against Switzerland - a talented but inconsistent team so far at the World Cup. This will be Switzerland's first ever knock out match at the Women's World Cup, and coming up against a host nation is always a difficult prospect.
Canada meanwhile have looked good at times but have not looked the world-beaters that everyone in the host nation is hoping they can become.
Brazil will play Spain in the Women's World Cup 2015 tournament on Saturday afternoon, and with both teams looking to go far in this year's competition, neither will want to give anything away here today.
Brazil's Marta will be one to watch; in the opening game she already scored the goal to make her the all-time top scorer in FIFA Women's World Cups with 15 goals.

Two nations chasing World Cup glory will do battle today in a match between China and Cameroon. Player to Watch: Largely responsible for Cameroon's advancement to the second round of the Women's World Cup are the performances of Gabrielle Onguene. Especially for Canada, if they want to stun the world and go all the way in their home World Cup then they will have to deliver four straight wins from here on out.
19 in the world, will be hoping to cause an upset today, however, Canada, ranked 11 placed above them as 8th in the world, should be too much for them if they play to their potential. ET and can be watched on TV on the Fox Sports 1 network, or online through live stream by clicking here. Many have pointed out that she also pulls up alongside the Brazilian men's top scorer in World Cups - Ronaldo - who also has 15 goals.

ET and can be watched on TV on the Fox Sports 1 channel or online through live stream by clicking here. Despite not playing a part in professional women's soccer, the 26-year-old has two goals in three tournament appearances. But that's how many teams that win World Cups play - improve with each game - and that certainly will be the goal for the Brazilians from here onwards.

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