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In 2012, Fox Sports plucked Erin Andrews from ESPN, and she’s without question the most well-known blonde in sports at the network. Earlier this year, we broke the news that Fox snagged Charissa Thompson from ESPN and Thompson figures prominent on Fox Sports Live, FS1’s answer to Sportscenter. One of the often-overlooked reasons why the Premier League is the world’s most popular sports league is the expertise of the commentators. English commentator Steve Banyard used to always have the 12.30pm ET Saturday timeslot to commentate on a Premier League match alongside co-commentator Gary O’Reilly. The English announcer often flies under the radar despite his weekly slot as one of the commentators of Premier League matches. Bower began his soccer commentating in the early 90’s as a radio reporter for a Liverpool network. To me, Peter Brackley’s voice is best known as a commentator of FA Cup matches, particularly in the early rounds of the competition where league minnows try to upset the giants of English football. His voice is synonymous with classic English football commentary. JP is a veteran US soccer commentator, who has announced so many legendary USMNT games including the 1-0 victory by USA against Trinidad and Tobago that sent the US team to the 1990 World Cup, as well as the 1999 World Cup Final when the USWNT beat China on penalty kicks to become world champions.
While Johnson isn’t the most beloved soccer commentator around, no one can take away his enthusiasm in the booth.
Nowadays, Tony Jones is a frequent commentator on Premier League matches for IMG, which are heard on the international feed around the world. Sports commentator Richard Kaufman can be heard announcing soccer matches when he isn’t too busy commentating on golf for various media outlets.
British soccer commentator Bill Leslie has been in the business for many years, working in radio before joining Sky Sports and Setanta. The young English commentator was one of the surprise stars of the 2014 World Cup where he put in a stellar job announcing games for ESPN. Besides Martin Tyler, Jon Champion and Peter Drury, Alan Parry has one of the most recognizable voices in English soccer. Derek Rae is one of the most respected soccer commentators in the United States for his memorable UEFA Champions League commentaries he did for ESPN (when the “Worldwide leader in sports” had the rights to the UCL competition). For years, Mark was a familiar voice for viewers of Fox Soccer Channel where he would often provide voiceovers and lead-ins for many of the network’s biggest soccer games.

US commentator Phil Schoen has the distinction of commentating the first-ever MLS game on television.
Even though he’s a regular commentator for the Premier League matches each weekend on the international feed, Joe is less well known as other commentators.
Stowell is a commentator at MUTV, Manchester United’s official TV channel, but he also commentates games for the Premier League and Champions League. Taphouse is the type of English soccer commentator who has the quintessential English accent, delivers a consistently pleasing commentary and packs a lot of emotion in his voice whenever there’s something exciting to share.
Tyldesley has been a regular commentator for ITV since 1998, following the retirement of Brian Moore, and has called 17 Champions League finals and nine FA Cup finals for the network. Also one of the most respected play-by-play men in the world, Tyler was voted as the Premier League Commentator of the Decade by fans in 2003. Weaver is another TV soccer commentator who may be more well known from his radio work than behind the mic on TV. The cheery Londoner co-commentates games for FOX Sports now and again when he isn’t doing his studio work. As a former Ireland and Liverpool player, Beglin’s voice may be familiar to most readers from the video game Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). Shaka brings a TNT (Trinidad and Tobago) flavor to his co-commentaries for soccer games on ESPN. Love him or hate him, Ray Hudson is one of the most unique soccer commentators in the business. Le Saux, the former Blackburn and Chelsea left back, is usually found next to Arlo White as NBCSN’s first choice commentator for the Sunday matches. Murphy is a relatively new entrant to the world of soccer commentating, but his style of being over opinionated may be his Achilles heel at the moment. The former Arsenal striker can often be heard co-commentating UEFA Champions League games for Sky Sports (which FOX Sports often uses instead of the world feed). The former Real Madrid TV man is the host of ESPN FC, the daily soccer news and analysis show out of the US.
The former Arsenal striker was a legend for the Gunners, but he tarnished his co-commentating skills when he was saddled with Gus Johnson on FOX Sports.

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On Tony Yeboah & his goals, a commentator called Bryan Law did an amazing commentary on that Wimbeldon vs LEEDS UTD game. Last week, World Soccer Talk spent several days in Germany and attended the Bayer Leverkusen-Schalke 04 match on November 29. Seemingly, anyone with a keyboard and access to the web has written about Fox’s Blonde Brigade. Whether it’s the commentators or co-commentators (aka color commentators), the men bring the Premier League to life in our living rooms and in pubs on a weekly basis.
But in recent years, Mark Rogondino has been used far more often in front of the TV camera as he commentates soccer games for FOX Sports. After becoming the Timbers play-by-play announcer, Strong officially moved to the NBC Sports Network in 2013 to be one of the lead commentators for both the MLS and Premier League matches. While he has his critics, Tyldesley has won the Royal Television Society Sports Commentator of the Year award four times since 1998.
Following his retirement as a player, McBride joined FOX Sports as a pundit and color commentator for international friendlies and UEFA Champions League matches. Wynalda has been featured in the booth alongside Gus Johnson during Champions League matches in the past, and also in the studio as a pundit for FOX Sports.
Although he still does basketball and football games for FOX Sports, the network has tried its best to ease Johnson into the soccer world.
White’s “golden, velvety, yummy” voice makes him one of the better commentators on television. With Johnson somewhat unsuccessfully working UEFA Champions League matches for the last 18 months (although working with Eric Wynalda doesn’t help), it was no surprise when he announced he was quitting as FOX’s lead commentator in September 2014 to focus on college football and college basketball instead.

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