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Our Uruguay v Holland football prediction and betting tips should help you cash in some money this Tuesday when the two nations will clash at the Green Point Stadium in Cape Town. Betonwins’ football prediction for this game is that Holland will have it much harder than people expect. You can bet on Robben to Score At Any Time at the odds of 2,87 which is the best football prediction you can get right now. Most football fans favor the Dutch to win this encounter and reach the 2010 World Cup Final.

The pacy winger has been among the top 3 footballers in the world for the past season and has kept on his top form in South Africa, as oppose to other popular names like Kaka, Messi and Rooney. It’s the type of betting tip that you can combine with another high accuracy pick to form an even higher odd. It’s certainly a good betting tip to go for Holland to win in Extra Time as a Method of Victory, as bookies offer 11,00 for that! But the betting tip here is to cover a Dutch win with just one goal difference (like 1-0, 2-1).

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