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The Fantasy Sports Trade Association estimates 34 million people participate in fantasy football.
New Jersey is allowing casinos in Atlantic City to offer fantasy sports betting in a pilot program that will be announced Monday. Regulations will be spelled out Monday, but an online gambling association says it expects that players will be allowed to draft a pool of athletes, follow their performances and compete against other fantasy teams. It remains to be seen whether the fantasy bets could be made online or would have to be made in person at the casinos.

Nevada already offers fantasy sports betting, but Brennan said he considers the demand there to be smaller because patrons also have the option of betting on individual sports games at the Nevada casinos.
He could not offer an opinion as to whether fantasy sports betting would decline in popularity if New Jersey prevails in its court battle with the federal government and the four major professional sports leagues over whether it can legally offer sports betting. Only four states met a 1991 deadline to approve sports betting; New Jersey was not one of them. That means they will come too late for the surge of interest in fantasy pools for the NCAA basketball tournament, but it would be in plenty of time for baseball in the spring, and football in the fall.

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