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The two of us that picked the Lakers to win it all cleaned up, especially with the obvious choice of Kobe for MVP. Matt Ryan is now the man in the ATL and him becoming the 2009 ESPN NEXT Athlete should not surprise Falcon fans. But because he has, the Atlanta Falcons are winning, and while he maybe is ESPN’s NEXT athlete, to the Falcons, he is THE athlete, NOW. Berry is the ESPN senior director of fantasy sports and while it's amazing that is a job, it's even more amazing how Berry etched out the position for himself. The NBA Trade Machine takes into account players salaries and how the team will fare how in the win department.

3 Star: For an NBA team, these are the guys you target because they are usually available or at least a team is willing to hear out your offer. Luckily for us, ESPN has the Trade Machine, which allows people to try to pull off fake trades and see if the deals would work for both teams.
They also take back future first round picks and $8 million dollars, which will allow them room to re-sign Marc Gasol. On the other hand, the Hornets get Russell Westbrook, who is still one of the top five point guards in the NBA.
Congratulations Brian, and I only wish you had picked the Celtics to win, or Pau Gasol for MVP.

Houston is going to want picks if they are going to deal Budinger and will love the Clippers pick. In return they would get back another big body in Okafor, a streaky, yet explosive scoring guard and future first round picks. The 2010 NBA Playoffs Pick ‘Em is now concluded, and for those of you who want to see how everyone did through it all, check below.

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